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Just go to the mall to eat a meal in the parking lot of Hangzhou woman was almost collapse yesterday afternoon, Ms. Wang about a large mall in downtown Hangzhou, new friends for dinner, she went to the mall in advance, drove into the underground garage, unexpectedly lost in the garage. Wang said: driving to the door, had wanted to stop on the road, security signs me under the garage. I saw an empty garage. I started looking for the nearest parking space. Strangely enough, there are parking spaces, but not a car! Not a car! That I don’t dare to stop, always feel strange. I walked along the driveway (don’t ask me what’s on the sign, I can’t remember!) Unconsciously, another layer (in the garage, it is easy to know the next layer). This floor has a car. Although very few, but has let me feel at ease. Parked in a car, although I haven’t found the door upstairs, but I feel that I always find. Met a worker dressed, I asked him how to go up, he pointed to a direction, along the direction he pointed to the past, is a huge construction waste dump! No way, had to find someone to ask, a group of enthusiastic construction worker who gave me the three time, and tell me if you come back, can not find parking spaces, as long as remember the landfill is good. However, the end of the three roads are impassable. So, the problem is, I really think I can’t go back to this place, so I’m going to go back to the dump, find my car, and drive to the right garage. The process was smooth, and I went back to the garage to find my car and the car was lost again. Broken roads, closed doors. When I finally walked down the light to the exit, I found it was an import. I said hello to the security guard at the gate. The security guard said, "this is the unloading area. How did you get in?" How do I know! He gave me two options. One option was to go out into the street and get back in the garage again. The other option was to allow me to turn around and look for a garage in the other two. I went back to the original road in despair. Where is the correct garage? I turn around to find, this time to find, and I separated a whole width of about 1 meters, about 10 cm high isolation. It looks brilliantly illuminated. I made a bold decision, turned the front, across the isolation belt. My heart is actually a crash, and one second I imagined my car stranded in the isolation zone after the appearance, fortunately, everything OK. Turn over the isolation belt straight down a little bit is the charge. I crossed the isolation belt, looked at the toll gate guard straight me, jaw on the ground…… Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ve spent more than half an hour here anyway. I spent five minutes, parked the car to the farthest place, asked the people, went a long way, came to dinner table. Only the leftovers……" Ms. Wang sent his own experience to the circle of friends, I did not expect to cause a lot of people resonate, a lot of sense of self sense of direction is usually a very good man, also said he was in the mall underground garage pass. Mr. Liu (three years of driving experience): see the car tears nearly fell down some time ago I asked the brothers to the field to Hangzhou Shi Xiang Road a large shopping mall to eat. I confess.相关的主题文章: