Jim Grant the Fed’s interest rate hike ahead of the long gold market will be promoted-mmhouse

Jim Grant: long before the Fed hike, the gold market will be pushed forward FX168 news Wednesday (February 10th), Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen (Janet Yellen) congressional testimony is the focus of market attention. Yellen testimony as a whole, "pigeon faction" is insufficient, although stressed the economic risk, but did not explicitly hint to postpone interest rate hike. But the gold market is still pushing up, rising again. Grant s Interest Rate Observer Jim Grant believes that, for the Federal Reserve, the road ahead is long, so it is likely to postpone interest rate hike. Grant pointed out that the first interest rate hike in December last year was mainly because the Fed did not want the market to doubt its credit, so it had to raise interest rates. "This may be the correct decision for the wrong time, since the global financial and bond markets have entered a deflationary spiral." Grant says the gold market is going to go up in this situation. "I think the gold market is responding to the wrong central banks around the world," he said." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

Jim Grant:美联储加息前路漫漫 黄金市场将获推动   FX168讯 周三(2月10日)美联储主席耶伦(Janet Yellen)的国会证词是市场关注的焦点。   耶伦证词整体来看“鸽派”不足,虽然强调了经济风险,但未明确暗示推迟加息。但黄金市场依然获得推动,止跌回升。   Grant’s Interest Rate Observer的Jim Grant认为,对美联储而言,前路漫漫,因此很可能会推迟加息。   Grant指出,去年12月的第一次加息主要是因为美联储不希望市场对其信用产生疑问,因此不得不加息。   “这可能是错误时间的正确决定,因为此后全球金融和债市进入通缩漩涡。”   Grant表示,在这样的状况下,黄金市场将会走高。   “我认为在全球各国央行错误的政策下,黄金市场就此有所反应。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: