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Jiangxi deep, Guangshan iron intends to start the year when the Huizhou half hour to Guangzhou and Shenzhen Wando Nanfang Daily News (reporter Zhou Huan) concern Jiangxi deep high iron finally got the birth certificate "! In October 13th, the reporter learned that the national development and Reform Commission recently to "change [2016]2128" document approved the feasibility study report of Ganzhou to Shenzhen railway, with the construction of the project, a total of 14 stations (including reservation station 2), the territory of Guangdong Province, 10 in Jiangxi Province, 4. According to the plan, Jiangxi deep high iron and Guangshan (Guangzhou to Shanwei) high cast iron castings intends to start during the year, and will form the intersection in Huizhou city. According to the two project, to 2020, the two high wire strung in the middle part of the province of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Heyuan, Shanwei and other places. A number of intercity rail, subway and other traffic and construction and will be built, then the core region of the Pearl River Delta and deep economic circle Guanhui (3+2) is expected to achieve a "half an hour economic circle". A total investment of 64 billion 130 million to start the year Jiangxi deep high-speed rail project is a national "high high iron main channel – Beijing (Taiwan) is an important part of the channel, is located in Jiangxi and two in Guangdong Province, Jiangxi passenger dedicated line of Kitaki Masaki Ganzhou station, from Jiangxi city of Ganzhou Province Guangdong city of Heyuan Province, after Huizhou city and Dongguan city. Access to Shenzhen north station, the line length of 432 km. The construction of the project for the construction of large capacity north-south rapid passenger transport channel has important significance to perfect the national high-speed rail network layout, and will be docking to strengthen the bonds between the Yangtze River Delta region, Jiangxi and other inland provinces and the Pearl River Delta region, promote the development of the city along the Guangdong jiangxi. The official said, Jiangxi deep high-speed rail project total investment of 64 billion 130 million yuan, the railway level for high-speed rail, double line, the design speed of 350 km. It is understood that the project feasibility study report will be approved for the construction of the year to lay a good foundation. According to the EIA report shortly before the announcement, Jiangxi deep high-speed rail plan completed in 2016 started, 2020, 10 stations located in the territory of Guangdong, respectively, Heyuan 4 (East, West Longchuan, Dongyuan peace, He Yuandong), Huizhou 3 (Boluo north, Huizhou north, Zhong Kai, Dongguan, 1) a (Tangxia), Shenzhen 2 (bright city, North Shenzhen). Reporters from the Huizhou Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Jiangxi deep high iron, high iron Guangshan is a major new railway projects with the national development and Reform Commission, Chinese Railway Corporation and the provincial government to determine the plan started in 2016. According to the plan, will strive for the two projects before the end of December in advance of project construction. 4 years after half an hour from Huizhou up to Guangzhou Shenzhen and Dongguan Shantou river it is understood that Guangshan high iron is currently promoting the preparatory work, plans to set up 4 stations in the territory of Huizhou City, the total duration of the same for 4 years. Jiangxi deep high iron will be located in Huizhou city of Huizhou North Station Xiaojinkou and Guangshan iron and high station field, setting the contact line access hub form. To the two high-speed rail in 2020. After the completion of the opening, will achieve the "handshake", Huizhou north station will become a key hub of the east coast of the Pearl River and the eastern region, Huizhou will have 9 seat rail station, be worthy of the name "high iron city", it occupies in the province and the country on the territory of high iron相关的主题文章: