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Jiangsu quality inspection announced 8 enterprises   most involved in children’s products – people Jiangsu window – People’s original title: parents pay attention to! Do you have these problems – F3 version: Essentials of surprise! Go Canbei frozen dog surprise! Look up and see the deep blue parents pay attention to! Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released yesterday, as of the end of September this year, Nantong Mingde Plastic Co. Ltd., Nanjing Haimao Electronic Manufacturing Co. Ltd Suzhou Pro Thai Children Toys Co. Ltd., Wuxi dream children baby supplies Co. Ltd., Changzhou City, Wujin Dayu latex products Co., Ltd. and other 8 companies, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the 32064. A defective product recall and rectification, and most of them are children’s products. Among them, the enterprise implementation of the recall of children crawling pad products in Nantong Mingde Plastic Company Limited production of small parts, children may lead to the danger of suffocation; converter products Nanjing Haimao Electronic Manufacturing Co., the grounding conductor than the current carrying wire first force, may lead to the risk of electric shock; Suzhou Pro Thai children toy Limited production of Balloon Dog Plush toys, rope fixed ring circumference more than the standard requirements, may lead to danger of suffocation or neck wound children hurt; strollers products Wuxi dream children baby supplies limited production, the dynamic durability test after damage to the vehicle, the risk may lead to the child’s fallen in Changzhou; Wujin City Dayu latex products Limited production of two children’s toys, there are small parts can be reasonable after abuse test The risk of choking. Parents if the above items in home, can directly contact the local dealer or manufacturer, to understand the specific recall information, also can log the State Quality Inspection Administration of defective product management center Jiangsu branch website ((commissioning editor: Geng Zhichao, Zhang Yan)相关的主题文章: