Japan will officially start the middle of this month to amend the constitution to discuss peace – Ch-rosstallanma

Japan will be in the middle of this month launched the peace constitution discussion – Beijing – newspaper reporter Ji Yong in Japan in November 3rd, Japan’s "culture day" coincides with the "constitution of Japan" promulgated 70 anniversary. In general Japanese using the festival to have to go out to see red when the Japanese domestic politics and right-wing groups to promote the two forces from the postwar regime but anchaoyongdong: one is to revise the pacifist constitution to discuss the LDP push was formally on the agenda; the other is a conservative civil organizations in promoting the "cultural day" for the changes the "Meiji day" campaign is the formation of climate. In July this year, the Senate after the election, the Japanese parliament in the "constitutional faction" won the amendment required more than 2/3 seats, followed by Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo at the start of the Congress to discuss constitutional amendments. After bargaining, the parties agreed that Japan in November 10th and 16 were held in house and Senate constitutional review will constitutional review meeting on Constitutionalism and constitutional issues etc.. This is the house of Representatives after a lapse of 1 years and 5 months, the Senate after a lapse of 9 months after the resumption of substantive discussions around the constitutional. Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has been stationed in Japan allied constitution imposed on Japan by the current peace constitution of post-war Japan to make an independent claim in line with the requirements of the constitution, and the constitution as the basic policy of the party into the party’s platform. In 2012, the Liberal Democratic Party formulated the draft constitutional amendment, which is an important part of the recovery of the emperor’s head of state status, so that it is no longer just a symbol of the country, secondly to amend the provisions of the peace constitution "in the maintenance of the army, navy and air force and other combat forces, does not recognize the countries at war right" content, indicating the right of self-defense, and the provisions to keep defense forces. The Liberal Democratic Party’s constitutional claim is part of politicians and constitutional scholars criticized as "retro", namely the "Meiji Constitution" the resurrection of prewar suspicion. As everyone knows, Japan’s first constitution, "Meiji Constitution" is a film with a strong color of the authoritarian theocratic constitution, the constitution of the power of the emperor to the supreme position, and become one of the important reasons why Japanese go on the road of militarism. After the defeat of Japan, the settlement of the emperor system and the removal of the soil of the Japanese militarism became the important content of the post-war reconstruction. Made in Japan in the Allied Command under the supervision of the "constitution of Japan" became the key to the transformation of Japan after the war, the Constitution not only weakened the Japanese emperor theocratic position, whereby the emperor only as a national symbol of Japan, not a head of state, while the provisions of Japan "the maintenance of the army, navy and air force and other forces of war that does not recognize the right of belligerency country". This peace constitution not only won the praise and trust of the international community to Japan, but also made the war in Japan for 70 years away from the war, the Japanese economy has taken off. Recently, public opinion survey results show the implementation of Japan’s Kyodo news, 55% of respondents opposed the constitutional amendment under the leadership of Andouble. However, in the implementation of the "Yomiuri Shimbun" survey of members of congress showed that 73% members of Congress to support the revision of the constitution, far higher than the opposition 16%, reflecting the Japanese politics around the constitutional has deviated from the direction of public opinion. According to Japan’s Jiji news agency reported that 11 electricity相关的主题文章: