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Press-Releases Man V Fat is a new digital magazine that is currently celebrating reaching 102% of its 9,000 crowdfunding total thanks to help from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The campaign had been getting a good response but when Jamie Oliver sent the campaign to his 3.8 million Twitter followers, the response was emphatic. Were very grateful to Jamie Oliver, explains Man V Fat editor Andrew Shanahan. Throughout the campaign we found that getting people on board like Jamie and amazing organisations like the British Dietetic Association, the National Obesity Forum, Heart UK and Mens Health Forum was the key to smashing the target. The National Obesity Forum commented: "Weight and obesity issues are the biggest public health crisis in the world that we have a chance of doing something about. Man V Fat is a significant addition to the battle and we are happy to support their mission to help men beat fat." As well as raising more than 9,000 to fund the first issue of the digital magazine which promises to support men with their weight loss, the campaign was also successful in raising an army of supporters. Even before the first issue launches in May, Man V Fat has nearly 2,000 subscribers and vibrant communities of over 1,300 men on both Facebook and Twitter. The idea for Man V Fat came after Shanahan noticed that while he was losing weight there was very little support specifically for men. After a career of writing editorial for men with The Guardian and The Times and launching websites with million-strong communities, Shanahan felt that there was a real need for a free publication that supported and championed men with weight loss. Right now there are 20 million overweight and obese men in the UK. On a global scale youre looking at 200 million men who are obese. By 2030 its predicted that 48% of men in the UK could be obese. Despite this, currently the vast majority of resources, weight loss groups, magazines and products are targeted at women – with Man V Fat that will change. When the free monthly digital magazine launches on May 5th it will be available on both iOS and Android platforms and online at www.manvfat.com. The editorial features success stories of male dieters and weight loss diaries of men following a range of diets from Atkins to the Four Hour Body diet. Alongside features looking at male dieting issues the magazine is taking an evidence-based approach to supporting weight loss. The other real crime is that the health magazines aimed at men are riddled with scientifically absurd claims about getting a six-pack in three weeks. If your BMI is 30+ its going to take significantly longer than three weeks, but promises like this raises hopes and causes completely unrealistic expectations. When those claims fall through men get despondent and lose track of their diets. EDITORS’ NOTES AND IMAGES Andrew Shanahan can be contacted on [email protected] or 0800 020 9535. The successful IndieGoGo campaign for Man V Fat can be found at .www.igg.me/at/manvfat Hi-res images of the Man V Fat logo and the first issue front cover (as seen on the IndieGoGo page) can be received for free by emailing [email protected] Readers can sign up to receive Man V Fat for free by adding their email at .eepurl.com/M_NXf Man V Fat can also be found on Twitter (@manvfat), Facebook (.facebook.com/manvfat) or the web (.manvfat..) About the Author: By: Labthink – Flexible packages should guarantee the packed content free from bacteria contamination, and be .plete with no inferior places in the pressured conditions. Thus, sealing strength testing and integrity testing for the flexible packages are necessary. By: Fusco Browne – Corporate Immigration Services, Corporate Immigration Service By: Shwetha KN – Renesas Electronics India Pvt. 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