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Jackie Chan was offended by changing angle?   Eddie Peng silly: had not invited ah — people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn silly: original title: Eddie Peng was not invited to it until the end of the Olympic Games, and finally those things can talk about the entertainment layout. Mixed in the entertainment industry, there are two things to keep in mind that the male star, one is to pay attention to maintain their own appearance, what the popular practice. For example, the last two years began to popular muscle man, a bunch of people began to change when the muscle. There is certainly not to offend brother. Hongkong media reported the day before, Eddie Peng because of the schedule is difficult to annoy Jackie Chan, and Jackie Chan August D sci-fi comedy film starring Show Luo decided to find Eddie Peng, directly to the change. Embarrassing is that last year Eddie Peng also exposed angered Shing Yee, "three young master of the sword" by changing the angle. Because the frequency by changing the angle, he was even out of five crimes, including defining him work twelve hours a day, he asked the movie company shuttle to private aircraft, and other designated personnel, production and other work often hit during the work period, also love to call and play mobile phone etc.. The results of the Eddie Peng agency issued a statement yesterday rare action response, said the weekly reports of serious misrepresentation, have not received the invitation "blood" machine. In 24, Eddie Peng personally attended the press conference to respond: "today the company has made a response to this, I have not received this opera news, I and brother Jackie Chan have eaten a meal, but also hope to cooperate with him, so the news of Jackie Chan brother, Mr. Show Luo is not fair." This matter shows two points, one is the entertainment gossip is always better than the truth, two is encountered with the eldest brother has a contradiction, we must quickly clarify. Another news about Fan Bingbing, it is said that the United States magazine "authoritative financial Forbes" (Forbes) recently announced the top ten highest paid actress, the list was performed by "the Hunger Games" series, "America’s sweetheart" Jennifer? Laurence with $46 million to top the list, American comedian Melissa macassey to $33 million? The income was second. Scarlett – in the $25 million in revenue for the top third. A sigh is good money, there is a list of the eggs, the mainland actress Fan Bingbing for $17 million (about 100 million yuan) revenue ranked fifth, for two consecutive years on the list, as the only Chinese women on the list. Do not know Bing Bing’s brokerage firm will respond, but the recent rumors that she and Li Chen’s house, really very proud. Finally, I want to congratulate Ada Choi, this time is not played any of the film and television drama, but also to be a director. And it is said that Zhang Jin will also be invited to perform. Throughout the two years of showbiz, Ada Choi and Zhang Jin couple is absolutely one of the most successful couples bundled promotion, not only a good life, Zhang Jin also started from the second tier promotion as first-line niche, and is currently the most scarce niche of martial arts. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: