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The Ivy Chen challenge marathon run 10 kilometers said "it is like love" – Sohu sports photograph: Ivy Chen micro-blog screenshot in new network on 31 October, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Ivy Chen sweet appearance, generous style bold, fans were nicknamed "Chen Dafa", enjoys high popularity. She likes sports 30 to participate in the Shanghai marathon, 10 km challenge, while running constantly heard cheers, finish after more call "like love"! Love marathon Ivy Chen early to Shanghai running, 30 day and many challenges together 10 kilometers away, after running out medals can laugh self. But she described running like love, "you don’t know what your body will betray you, but you can never give up him, with patience, tolerance, pain, to achieve the final good, also thank for their cheering friends along the way," although I am busy with my knee has been communication. There is no way to laugh, but I really think you are great!" Ivy Chen picked up the phone than scissors hand gestures, innocent expression Meng turned a big ticket fans, completed 10 km distance is very excited, followed by the dispatch of Marathon addiction, want to quit, do not start." A series of positive positive energy statement, fans are crazy praise, the girl"!相关的主题文章: