It is hard to believe that these 10 technologies will disappear in the next 10 years

Incredible: this 10 technology products in the future 10 years disappear technology this thing is always changing and improving, and this in turn has also made the "old technology" eliminated faster than any non tech things much faster. Some of the things that seem so popular these days may be eliminated by the new darling in the next few years. Remember BB, Walkman and analog camera in these several years ago "products, how to summon wind and call for rain" is out of our life? Similarly, some now in our life seemingly indispensable technology products, perhaps in the future will be eliminated in 10, such as the following: intelligent mobile phone to listen to this unbelievable, but the smart mobile phone nowadays everywhere may be in the next 10 years, abandoned by the people. 10 years later, we may carry our data with us and get them from anywhere. For example, embedded in a desk or embedded in the wall of the touch screen. As for the phone call, we may be able to wear a wireless headset like Moto Hint or Samsung Gear Icon X to solve. In the past few years, credit cards have become the most popular form of payment in financial transactions. In the next 10 years, however, it is likely to disappear. 10 years later, you may be able to simply complete the order online, and the rest will be integrated into your bank account to complete the intelligent assistant. Wall mounted TV is, who is now hanging LCD, LED TV on the wall in our home will disappear. The mirror polished display screen (mirror-finished display) or will replace the traditional screen, in fact, there have been some new products with this screen, but not yet become mainstream. Remote control remote control is likely to disappear in the future. In the future, the vast majority of devices and applications will be through gestures and voice to control, for example, now on the market there have been some equipped with a motion sensor can sense movement and automatically trigger a light bulb and air conditioning switch. Wireless phones are likely to be replaced by ubiquitous microphones in the future. So, at that time, wherever we go home, we can talk without interruption. At the same time, personal virtual Butler in the perception that there is a call, it will remind us at the side. Notebook computers in the next 10 years, may also become "antique". 10 years later, we are likely to pass onto the desktop or the virtual keyboard to the office, so that any desktop can be easily changed to the touch screen, but may also promote the development of the remote office, because we can work whenever and wherever possible. As for face-to-face communication, it can also be replaced by a wireless camera with a microphone. Desktop computer like notebook computer, desktop computer may eventually escape the fate of being eliminated. After all, when we can easily carry our data anywhere, and pass.相关的主题文章: