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Home-and-Family If your name is Benedict congratulations! Of all names and their meanings, Benedict is one of the most ancient and powerful. It is also a name you rarely hear and you will find out why in a moment. It so happens, my own name is Benedict. I only mention this because it is integral to the story I am about to tell you. It all started at the monastery school. I spent the first few grades of my education there, fighting with the other boys. I was the only one there named Benedict. As I recall, everyone else had a cool name such as Matthew, Charles, Michael, Phillip, William and Steven. The boys got their punches in. They took pleasure in shouting Benedict Arnold at me. As you know, there is probably no more hated character in American history than Benedict Arnold. As an American general, Arnold sold out to the British during the Revolutionary War. I could not understand why my parents named me Benedict. No one else named their son Benedict. Probably, because they knew about Benedict Arnold. Most of the time, I was in despair. But this all changed one morning when the Abbot called me in for a talk. Do you know the importance of your name? he asked. He went on to tell me that no less than 15 popes carried the name of Benedict. This was, of course, before the time of our current pope, Pope Benedict XVI. He told me about Pope Benedict XV who laid out a plan to bring peace to the .batants in World War II. The plan was whole-heartedly embraced by many nations but, sadly, it was never adopted. Then, there was the magnificent St. Benedict of Nursia who, in the 5th Century, founded the Benedictine Order. He set up the early monasteries and established the Rule, or plan, to govern them. He built the world-famous Abbey of Monte Cassino in Italy, the scene of the famous World War II battle. Another Benedict was St. Benedict the Black. He was a 16th Century African slave who lived in Sicily. He was later named patron saint of the Blacks of North America. And, that’s not all he told me. There were famous artists, writers and scientists named Benedict. In fact, Benedict Spinoza was one of the greatest philosophers in history. "Your name is a wonderful gift," the Abbot added. I left the Abbot with my heart on fire. I knew who I was and what I had to live up to. A few days later, I was even more elated when the Abbot gave a school talk about St. Benedict. After that, the taunts and fights stopped stopped. But, it didn’t matter any more. I now knew why my parents named me Benedict. Of course, with the current Pope Benedict, I suspect there will be a lot more boys with our name. So, if your name is Benedict, remember to be very proud of this great name and its meaning, as well as its history. You have a powerful heritage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: