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Pets When Charles, Prince of Wales, married Lady Diana Spenser, the media coverage was so extensive that TV crews and sound engineers used ferrets to run cables through long conduits. These little guys are very smart and easily trained! DNA technology established that ferrets were domesticated at least 2,500 years ago. Caesar Augustus began the tradition of using ferrets for hunting, sending them down into the tunnels of small mammals. It wasnt until the 1970s that ferrets were kept as pets; they were introduced in the US by Dr. Wendy Winstead, a veterinarian and breeder of these clever and mischievous mammals of the weasel family. There are two kinds of ferrets; those that are domesticated and the wild black-footed ferret that is an endangered species in North America. Domesticated ferrets that are kept as pets in the US currently number about 800,000. Why so many? Because theyre interesting, playful, energetic and fun with a rascal attitude, and can be quite affectionate with their families. Theyre curious about everything in their world: they love to tear open boxes and packages to see whats inside, and they enjoy playing hide and seek with their owner to discover new areas of the home. Since ferrets have a strong nesting instinct, they are notorious for stealing small objects and taking them to their nests for further inspection. They dont need pet toys (but dont mind balls, bells, etc) because theyre so adept at entertaining themselves. Theyll spend hours playing with the cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels. Tin cans, silverware, keys, and paper bags are particularly enjoyed! Cant find your car keys? Try looking in your ferrets cage! When you purchase a pet ferret, youll need to also buy all his gear, including a cage large enough to allow him to nest and play in plastic tubes that are about two or three feet long. Ferrets sleep up to 14 hours a day, and they love to nap in a hammock inside their cages. Your ferrets diet needs are a bit challenging. Theyre carnivores that eat mice, rabbits, birds and small reptiles. Some owners feed them frozen embryonic mice like those fed to large snakes. Others feed their ferrets pieces of raw meat or kibble specifically designed for ferrets. Adult pet foods dont contain enough protein and fat; ferrets need at least 32% meat-based protein and 18% fat. They also enjoy bananas, peanut butter and pieces of cereal as occasional treats. Male ferrets have a strong, musky, unpleasant smell that comes from their anal glands; most are sold de-scented by having their anal glands removed. They are very clean pets, especially since they can be taught to use a litter box of shredded paper and take baths. Your ferret needs an annual veterinary check-up since he can develop some serious health problems. Find out more about your ferrets care by investing in a good book about all their needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: