Interview with Qin Ming no, forensic is my original intention of writing curry favour by claptrap

Interview with Qin Ming: "no, forensic is my original intention of writing curry favour by claptrap" Qin Ming pictures from the network Qin Ming has two identity, writer and forensic. Today, the identity of the former more achievements of the latter identity. In August this year, the forensic Qin Ming series novels conquered millions of readers in forensic Qin Ming, with the book "Survivor" appeared in the Shanghai book fair Sina studio. Two months later, according to his mystery novels "Eleventh fingers" adaptation of the web series "forensic Qin Ming", playback volume exceeded two hundred million, the bean harvest 7.4 points, "in improving the secretion of gastric juice" at the same time the audience, also won a high reputation, which might be his unexpected. "My five books are made up of fragmentary time," Qin Ming said to sina. I would also like to write a romantic ah, more than the reader’s love, it is very difficult forensic, the need to be cautious, it is true." Talk about the creation: my characteristics are not horrible, MOE Sina reading: can you tell us about the real life of forensic? Qin Ming: life is normal, anyway, nothing to say, the key is to work. You may see more forensic, he is this kind of sense of achievement and cool feeling. In fact, we are very hard, this is the book I wrote a lot of cases, including ten degrees below zero in the mountains, no autopsy, night background sound is called in the depth of night, the wolf, then you squat anatomy of several bodies on the ground, when you stand up again, maybe all frozen. Including there will be a lot of danger, you out of the scene, there is no way to predict what will be the site for example, explosives, hazardous gases, toxic gases, which may exist whenever and wherever possible you have no way to predict, but of course, there are also many too dangerous forensic. Everybody knows the most important thing, because we’re in contact with the body. Before coming to Shanghai, I had a scene, and then went to the local autopsy room to see, their autopsy room glass is broken, I said: "you broken glass, you do not come to repair it?" They said no one would like to repair, because even the funeral home are not willing to go, and finally they think of a way to cut glass back repair. But every day we were there and we may take the most low wages, can be said that the position was not high, is the most ordinary civil servants, but every contact others are reluctant to contact things, such as highly corrupt bodies, paraffin giant view scene is full of flies and maggots and everywhere, the bloody corpse pieces, these are the others have no way to imagine, we have to face to face contact, I think this is the most bitter, there is no way to other occupation than we. "Eleventh fingers", Hunan literature and Art Publishing House, 2014 Sina reading: as a very busy forensic work, then what is the opportunity for you to start writing forensic Qin Ming series novels? Qin Ming: opportunity originated in micro-blog bar! At first, I also want to let more friends to see how China’s public security forensic is how to work by micro-blog. Because most people still know about foreign or Hong Kong and Taiwan through the film and television related occupations, the mainland of our forensic, including the system, including our usual daily work are相关的主题文章: