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Interview with Jennings: I am now just little people can still single 55 points in an exclusive interview with Jennings: do not discuss Ross stadium little injury Tencent sports November 20th Washington (reporter Fu Yu, Hao Yue and Mark Jiang Wen) – Blanton Jennings, the first round of the 2009 tenth overall by the Bucks selected November 16th single game against the warriors, Jennings cut 55 points, 50 points to become the youngest Mr. NBA, a rookie team and was named NBA in 2010. Jennings quickly became the leader of the Bucks, but can not always lead the team further, in 2013 the first round of the playoffs, the Bucks 0-4 Miami sweep, the year of the offseason the Bucks traded Jennings to the piston. In spite of the piston, Jennings staged continuous hot performance, but the relentless injury knocked him down, left leg and Achilles tendon tear season, coach and discord, under the NBDL, the former "55 points" plummeted…… Jennings accepted an exclusive interview with the Detroit sports Tencent: the inflection point – it did not life for me they are not what the specific meaning, I no longer have emotions, yesterday’s game also is only an ordinary basketball game, I look forward to the." Jennings in November 17th, Nicks 105-102 beat home court game, in this game, Jennings played 16 minutes off the bench, but had a team high 7 assists, the main battle for the old, seemingly casual, but who knows, Detroit is the life of Jennings turning point. In December, the palace of Auburn Hills is a worthy of the name of the drawer. Ten degrees below zero wind sealed Detroit There is not much left. vitality, high speed from the city to the palace of Auburn Hills have been frozen into the slow lane. Parking command staff needs to open the window to the passing vehicles to the fans to clear direction, only because the flying snow blurred the line of sight of people. As vague as Jennings’s future. The same cold, Jennings’s heart. He knew that his days in the piston has no more, he knew that he knew from the first day to Reggie Jackson. Perhaps earlier, as early as January, when he had a torn Achilles tendon in his left leg. In January 26, 2015, Jennings was diagnosed with left Achilles tendon tear, the season earlier this month, he hit a career high light occupation competition, in the face of Sacramento, his 21 throw in 14, scored 35 points, followed by visits to Toronto and Indiana in the game and scored 34 points respectively. 37 points. After the Christmas game, the pistons played a wave of seven wins, won the game in the ten game of the twelve. Detroit under the leadership of Jennings point the day and await for it to return to the playoffs. It’s been eleven months since the nightmare of the day, but the hope of winning the game doesn’t fade with time. Jennings has recovered from the news spread, the palace of Auburn Hills audience obvious a lot, they drove tens of miles to the remote from the palace of Auburn Hills near the city, as is a month ago to give them hope that a small southpaws. They were disappointed, although they chanted we want Jennings, chubby Van Gundy still did not let him out.相关的主题文章: