Inner Mongolia, a school charge of school fees for students over the prescribed penalty aizi

A school in Inner Mongolia for students uniforms exceeds the prescribed amount to be punished – Beijing newspaper Beijing news reporter Wan Jing September 26th national development and Reform Commission today informed the August eight the price of illegal typical cases involving illegal charges, illegal charge area primary school uniforms etc.. It includes eight cases: Hubei Province, Huangshi City, new Xiandao Lake scenic area, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region cruise violation charge fee case in Baotou City hada Road Primary School received illegal uniform fee case, Beijing City, Chaoyang District Tang forensic identification of illegal charge fee case, Henan Province, Nanyang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment Wan East driver examination service center received illegal insurance the case of Hubei Province, Shiyan city Yunxi County Shangjiahe Town Center hospital fees case, Yingshang County of Anhui province Sai Jian tap water factory in Liaoning Province, Yingkou case of illegal fees charged violations of prison recruitment certification fee case and Jiangxi province Yucai College of technology received illegal occupation skill appraisal fee case. In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Baotou City hada road primary school uniform fee charged violations in the case, according to the briefing, Baotou City, a reflection of the people, the children in the school hada Road Primary School, school fees charged 300 yuan, asked to investigate. It is true, informants reflect the problems, the school received more than 1200 school students uniform fee, 300 yuan each. According to the provisions of the "the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region school service fees and charges on behalf of management (Trial)" the provisions of each summer, students not more than 80 yuan (including the amount of cotton coat is not less than 40%), spring and autumn each no more than 105 yuan (reflecting the uniforms of not more than 115 yuan). Baotou City, the price supervision and Inspection Bureau ordered the school uniforms to coordinate business units, some parents think that has ordered uniform fees are too high and heavy burden, unconditional full refund, and make a fine of 50 thousand yuan administrative punishment.相关的主题文章: