In response to the supreme law Deyunshe list blacklist new network suffer for the faults of another -660003

In response to the supreme law Deyunshe list "blacklist": new network – suffer for the faults of another Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) in September 8th, this newspaper reported the Beijing Deyunshe culture dissemination limited company by Guangde floor play disputes ownership of buildings, the Supreme People’s court is included in the "lost letter enforcees" list. This Friday Deyunshe through the official micro-blog on the matter, said the dispute cases Beijing nobufusa housing management company and the Beijing song and dance theatre limited liability company two, Deyunshe just v. Guangde floor theatre actual use, both sides intend to intervene in the dispute, and has been with the court and the relevant departments to work. Deyunshe said, Xicheng court execution cases is for building about Guangde Park opera house ownership disputes between the company and the company declared the real North song. In the actual use of Guangde building theatres, Deyunshe to the then signed the North Song company paid all amounts payable. The focus of controversy and the Northern Song Xuan real company case is both the housing ownership dispute, Deyunshe said the focus has nothing to do with the real company, declared as a co defendant, only because it is in actual use of Guangde opera garden building. The agency said in a signed an agreement with the North Song, do not know there are disputes Guangde house theatre, the theatre is in good faith and paid, which in the case of the trial has been conducted to the court that. In addition, Deyunshe said it learned of the situation, because the Guangde theatre history building complex, the case entered the implementation phase, the relevant departments are actively promoting the solution of problems, and has made substantial progress. During this period, the use of Guangde Deyunshe floor theatre has not been from the courts and other departments as well as nobufusa company and Northern Song in any form to prevent and hinder. Deyunshe said himself because of this case was included in the dishonest debtor list, largely "too, but suffer for the faults of another" the fear of the law, has been with the court, the work of government departments. No matter which side of the final management of Guangde house theatre, Deyunshe will coincide with the party completed the formalities for the use of housing, continue to perform the contract obligations.相关的主题文章: