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In Gansu, only one of the teachers of 1190 schools, will leave a small school education Sohu October 30th news, Gansu Province in some parts of the city will explore the county compulsory education "63 system" to "36 system" and "four or five system", in order to solve the problems of increasing small school teachers decline in the quality of teaching, etc.. An interview with reporters in Gansu learned that the so-called "36 system" and "four or five system" refers to the rural primary school children in the third grade or the fourth grade at home before the door of the teaching, primary school enrollment, after the fourth grade, the fifth grade school adjacent to the center of the school. In recent years, Gansu county and Township Central Primary School of "large class" problem is more prominent, and the rural "sparrow school" was on the rise. Gansu Provincial Department of education statistics show that as of 2015, Gansu compulsory education schools, teaching a total of 13 thousand, of which one hundred and below the middle school and primary school 8624. Primary schools are 224 people, including rural primary schools are the size of 120 people. At present, there are only 219 students in Gansu Province, only one teacher’s school is 1190. In response to this phenomenon, the Gansu Provincial Department of education requires all localities to draw the red line, and resolutely retain a small number of schools, and to improve the conditions of school and teaching quality, to ensure that rural students to the nearest school. One of them is to change the "63 education system" to "the school system" and "the school system" of the compulsory education stage in the period of four or five years". Gansu Provincial Department of education, said the Gansu high school teachers living allowance, monthly per capita living allowance of 300 yuan. By the end of 2017 this standard will be raised to 500 yuan in 2020 is expected to increase to no less than $1000. (original title: "the exploration of" subsection "educational system in Gansu to solve the problem of rural primary school decentralization)相关的主题文章: