In case of drunk driving men abandoned the vehicle running on the highway — Fujian police chased ma

In case of drunk driving men abandoned the vehicle running on the highway — Fujian police chased masses carrying channel — original title: in case of drunk driving men abandoned the vehicle running on the highway carrying police catch Chen refused to cooperate with the masses of blowing alcohol detection. High speed road parking, parking, a facelift to urinate, then abandoned the vehicle running…… In order to avoid high-speed traffic police check drunk driving, the evening of 5 staged a high-speed escape". The high-speed traffic police in Fuzhou Shen Hai high-speed road intersection of drunk driving, seized 2 drunk driver. "Are you a bad guy? Come on, I’ll take you……" Fuqing Shen speed road toll plaza, a driver saw running after police stopped and asked Xu Shimin. Soon, Xu Shimin enthusiastic people sitting on the car, rushed to assist the police to intercept the driver of the police to escape the drunk man Chen Chen Jing. This is the evening of 10 at about 5 am, occurred in the sea on the high-speed scene. Originally, when the high-speed traffic police brigade of Fuzhou Road intersection in the square is set up the card check drunk driving. That night, nearly 10, Chen Jing found a Honda car near the toll station, suddenly turn right, a few meters behind the car, parked in the right lane. The driver opened the door to get off, go to the car, began to urinate. Soon, the man came out from the car, then the body of the red T-shirt off, bare upper body. "I shouted to him, and he immediately outside the square direction……" After Chen Jing told reporters that she had no time to think, and ran out. Is the intersection of a team of vice captain Xu Shimin found abnormal, but also chased out, and then he was in the driver’s assistance, stopped in front of the man in the escape. "I got out of the car, he ran out of breath, he saw me, he was shocked, then turned around and wanted to run, but Chen Jing had come up from behind." Xu Shimin said, after the attack was the man cornered, and want to climb the roadside fence, the foot drill in the past, the other foot was rushed to the Xu Shimin grabbed. Struggling, the top of the fence was tied to the teeth, the man shouted with pain: do not run, do not run, I surrender!" Then the man Chen was brought to the headquarters, but refused to cooperate with the blowing detect alcohol. In desperation, high-speed traffic police sent him to the hospital blood. Yesterday morning the results of the test, the blood alcohol content of 28mg 100ml, is drunk driving. Finally because of illegal parking on the highway (deducted 12 points, a fine of 200 yuan), illegal parking (deducted 6 points, a fine of 200 yuan) and Dui (deduction of 12 points, the driver’s license suspended for 6 months and fined 1000 yuan), Chen man face deducted 30 points, fined 1400 yuan and withheld driver’s license to heavy penalties. According to reports, the night road intersection seized two drunk drivers. (reporter Chen Haidong correspondent Chen Jingwen photo) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章: