In addition to the traditional wine dealer channel started to attack the convenience store market

In addition to the traditional wine dealer channel started to attack the convenience store market convenience store, it is a city inn, as with the "confuse right and wrong gas station" to describe more appropriate. 7× 24 hours of business hours to meet the needs of consumers in work and life in a hurry. As for the brand businesses, it is more like a 24 hour without closing the window display. Nelson data show that in 2016, China’s convenience store market penetration has increased from 32% in 2015 to $38%. The rapid growth of the small and beautiful "convenience stores in the increasingly fragmented consumer, drinks companies naturally smell the business opportunities. However, the small business has a door, seemingly small and beautiful convenience store operators actually have a lot of know-how, and beverage companies settled convenience stores also have their own". What a fancy wine enterprises convenience store "First Financial Daily" reporter in a company located in Shanghai Changning Road, the family convenience store to see, drinks shelves more than half of the wine is imported wine, mostly to Wine. A David Stone Chardonnay Wine (750ml) price of 58 yuan a bottle; there are a variety of price between 88 yuan ~98 yuan Wine container, including yellow tail Mu sweet white pink Wine Wine scuttle; higher prices such as colorful grapes sparkling wine for the price of 298 yuan bottle etc.. In addition, the convenience store in the same price of second pieces of wine and the promotion of goods of 50 percent off. "In our store, wine and beer sales are better, these two kinds of wine can choose more. Buy wine is mainly young people." A clerk in the store said. Reporters also visited the Changning road in Shanghai, Zunyi Road, near other convenience stores. Shelves, a wide variety of wine. Rough calculations, only in the convenience store on the way to Zunyi, from a few dollars to 50 yuan of low-priced liquor has a variety of liquor, there are 100 yuan, there are 10 kinds of yuan and 500~600 yuan and close to more than a thousand drinks. 13 kinds of imported and domestic wine, beer, the 14. This means, a community convenience store contains nearly 60 SKU drinks a single product. "First Financial Daily" reporter then went to the nearby distance of less than 100 meters of good German convenience store, store wine varieties more yuan. The price of all kinds of liquor 40, Yellow Wine 23, Wine 16, wine 3. So, why so like wine enterprises in the convenience store distribution channels? "Wine companies saw convenience stores intensive distribution network, choose to a convenience store sales channels, not the first, but hope that through this convenience store terminal channels, direct let consumers see and experience the product, as advertised, especially new products. Convenience stores to beverage companies to invest, the company needs to invest about 2000000 a year. However, compared to the traditional channels of publicity, there are still some economic benefits." Faith Nate, chief financial officer, told the first Financial Daily reporters, Yang Yu. Yang Yu further revealed that, like Faith Nate do import wine producers, in fact, more attention is domestic.相关的主题文章: