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Software IHDP page flip software is a complete digital publishing product for all the digital content sharing of your pdf files, digital presentations, and printed materials all from Aglaia Software. In House Digital Publishing is a leading developer of products for presenting printed publications digitally as well as content tailor made for web. IHDP has acquired a leading role in the digital publication world and is committed to providing customers with the best and the most advanced digital page turning pdf to flash and HTML 5 on the market. The knowledgeable team behind the company is constantly working to improve the product in order to provide the best, most complete solution for each and every customer. Aglaia Software believes that customer service and support is as important as the products and service offered. It is the goal of the company to provide the ultimate solution for your company combined with the ultimate service experience. IHDP transforms your PDF documents into stunning, eye attracting dynamic, interactive, reader driven digital pageflipping editions. Your documents will come alive with your desired embedded videos, audios, YouTube videos, flash animations, internal and external links, images, pictures, RSS News Tickers, introduction page, custom branding, and Photo Rotators and so many other features. Plus your audience will be able to crop favored parts of a page and share via email as well as connect to all the different social share sites to share. The IHDP platform produces for your cloud and the technology offers the peace of mind about security, speed, and performance. Our intelligent IHDP platform is high performance and secure, and provides a terrific user experience to any device and anywhere. Using our lifetime license software allows the user to publish an unlimited number of digital editions and make choices completely independent from any service provider with none of the extra costs associated with changes/additions. IHDP makes it possible for all your digital publications to be created in HTML5. This allows users on all mobile devices such as all smart phones (iPhone, iPad, and Android), Kindle Fire , Tablets , and etc. to have the very best digital experience, when and where they wish to access them, with wonderful and enhanced features. IHDP supports all mobile devices which results in increasing the reach of your digital edition. You will be progressive, save on overhead costs, and recharge your marketing campaign. We took all of our expertise in creating the world’s best digital publication software and have created the best mobile solution in the market. With the mobile friendly IHDP, viewers can engage with your digital edition the same way as they do on larger screens. Readers navigate by the click of a button, and press anywhere to zoom in. Your viewers can zoom-in, email their friends, connect to social share sites, and bookmark directly from the mobile interface, with the press of a finger! Even page and website links are accessible. We at Aglaia Software offer three kinds of products, Enterprise IHDP, Premium IHDP, Lite IHDP. The flexibility of IHDP makes it possible to meet the needs of various publishers who wish to publish their content online. Our capable development team with years of experience utilizing cutting edge internet and network technology work with your unique environment and create a solution that can be integrated seamlessly. We can work with you to develop a plan. We can easily customize the look and feel of your digital editions as you desire. Just tell us your requirements, and our experienced team will provide you a solution which will perfectly address your needs at a very affordable price. Our main goal is to make technology work for you. At IHDP our creative team has the extensive experience and dedication to making your digital marketing strategy effective. IHDP will allow more people to view your publications from around the world and let you maximize the return on your marketing investment. Two of our clients’ most favorite features and capabilities," the Facebook Fan Page Integration App and creating the Offline Version " are also available to you. Now your loyal viewers can interact with your digital editions directly within your Facebook fan page! No bounce! You have also noticed that the way we shop has changed. More people than ever are shopping online, especially using the smart phone and tablet. The IHDP Commerce+ is a perfect solution for integrating all your digital publishing efforts with your website shopping cart technology connecting your online digital catalog or magazine with your existing online store. IHDP Commerce+ transforms your digital catalog, lookbook or magazine into a seamless shopping experience on any screen. Commerce+ empowers online shoppers to discover and deepen their engagements with your products and inspires them to shop from your digital editions. This amazing experience provides an in-catalog shopping experience like no other. Streaming in real time into a product pop-up after clicking a link is product data like title, cost, description, pictures, video and more for a complete and total in-edition shopping experience. Commerce+ enables your readers to add items to their shopping cart without ever leaving your digital edition and bring your web shop to the user’s living room. IHDP not only supports all kinds of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android, Kindle Fire and Tablets but also provides support for typical web browsing for laptops, Macs, and PCs increasing the reach of your publications. We are on hand to give you all the help and support you need. Our dedicated account managers and digital press technicians are trained to deal with all your inquiries – from technical support to business questions, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us with any question, big or small, for any technical support. Our team is ready to work with you to create your own special online digital publishing experience. Please contact us for more information at ..inhousedigitalpublishing.. . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: