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"I’m in the Imperial Palace to repair cultural relics" at the end of the year on the silver screen support also have a wait-and-see source: Nanning evening news Zeng Jie in early 2016, the TV documentary "I repair cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace was born, CCTV hit after the burst of red in the network. As the narrator said, this documentary the first time through the restoration of cultural relics "Temple" and "wild" interaction, let the audience in restoration of cultural relics this slightly mysterious occupation interest. A lot of the audience enough, has been concerned about whether "will make a sequel". Today, this documentary to push the same name film. November 8th, the film held a press conference in Beijing, the Imperial Palace, announced the film version of the file set in December 16th, reproduce the classic. At the same time, the film side is also the public to raise the platform to release a large movie project to test the water, to raise 100 thousand yuan to support the National Film Festival held in the city of 10. As of 9 evening, at 7 points, the net has been raised for more than 11 yuan of the movie more than $939. What do you see in the film? Continue the repair division according to the film side story Guanwei news conference site released 6 "country of ingenuity" poster. Posters on the background of 6 national treasures, reduce the repair division figure is embedded in the cultural relics damaged, meaning "big history, small craftsmen, choose one thing, artisan spirit of your life". The movie a message, causing users Shuabing rapidly, many users in the official micro message: "want to see the super king master watchmaker, for appearance!" I hope there is a new content, the original three sets is not enough to see." Early in March this year, the reporter interviewed the director Xiao Hanshi, the other has said, in addition to making use of the existing material for Internet video, he wanted to make a the Imperial Palace theme movie, make up for the documentary in the shooting and the issue of regret. So what’s the difference between the film and the previous documentary? Reporters immediately call, the other said he was busy without an interview. But according to other media reports, this 82 minute movie that is cultural relic division of the story, but failed to incorporate into a lot of documentary material, also depicted the two generation of cultural relics repair division mutual respect between the feelings. And the film removed all the narrator, with the master’s voice to show the same period. Would you buy a ticket? There is also a support – it is worth mentioning that the musician Yao Qian featuring the music of the film producer, he is not only the creation of ten score, also invited the singer Chen grain to sing the theme song, the pianist Huang Yuxiang was playing the piano. Keen art collection of Yao Qian, said in an interview with this reporter, he watched the documentary in the cooking time, the film was immediately craftsmen attention move, accidentally put a face burn two times. He also wrote in his circle of friends, big history, small craftsmen, choose one thing, the end of life, and to remind the audience watching the time to pay attention to the theme music. However, TV movie is not adapted for some variety show Everything is going smoothly., high popularity moved to the big screen, the Douban score dropped to 4 points, the audience was questioned "quick money" and "no sincerity". There are people in the industry concerned, I am in the the Imperial Palace heritage film will win the box office, lost reputation? But look at the public platform to raise online friends"相关的主题文章: