Hulun Buir cup chess tournament at the age of 8 young Yao Jialuo success-zuczug

Hulun Buir cup chess tournament 8 year-old Yao Jialuo win sina sports news on October 2, 2016 -6, held in Hailar the first "Hulun Buir Cup" national chess tournament, Yao Jialuo in the 9 war, 7 wins 1 and 1 negative results has been runner up 8 year old man group of good results. Yao Jialuo since the age of 1 began to like playing computer games, does not seem to have other hobbies. In kindergarten, we often take him to experience a variety of courses, such as piano, art, English, singing, dancing and so on, but he is not interested in listening to experience, even the doors are not only hot, loyal to the game, let us be upset for a long time. Shift one day back to school, he said to me: "Mom, this year in Kindergarten (Zhejiang Jade Spring) give us a chess class, don’t give me what other." In a word, immediately let me happy Pidianpidian to sign up. Although in the kindergarten a week in a class, time is 40-50 minutes, but every time he will come back and I talk with relish their chess, chess, let me accompany him to play chess. That the kindergarten teacher is the Zhejiang province of the river chess court, I and his father also went to the headquarters of the headquarters of the river to go to counseling, the first contact with President Xu Liping and coach Woojohn. On the end of the summer vacation, president Xu recommended to participate in Ningbo organized by the Zhejiang international chess tournament. At that time in order to play mentality, let Yao Jialuo enrolled in the game. The 3 day of the 9 round down, scored 3 points, although this result not worth mentioning, but laid a good Luo to Zhijiang college chess term determination. In September this year, Yao Jialuo was lucky enough to enter Zhejiang Province Zhijiang chess coach John Wu Miao chess classes, have the honor to become a member of the Wu command. A kindergarten student, pen just learned a little kid to get in, Wu earnest instructions, gradually embarked on the road to learn chess. From the beginning of the most basic chess records, learning to use a variety of tactics, start; every chess organization to participate in various stage, province, city and even the country’s international chess Masters tournament, etc.. To find their own shortcomings in every game, to the next stage of learning objectives; experience each game for Yao Jialuo is a transformation, from the beginning of the game, before the game excessive tension, leading to severe vomiting and frequent urination, until the habit of the game. For every game, as a parent, I also from the first to the restless, impatient, treat the game as usual. I always remember Mr Wu once said: "the game is not the purpose of the learning process is the most important, not only see the eyes, to see who go farther." Zhijiang college chess chess for more than a year, Yao Jialuo foster good study habits, the kindergarten every day back, first national tactical questions, the teacher assigned him to do 2 questions, 8 questions, about to spend an hour in chess every day, naturally there is no computer games (An Xi); to learn chess Yao Jia Luo Jing as a virgin, such as moving the Tuotu (though he is supposed to be a monkey). In September 2016, Luo Jia just became a the first grade primary school students, and soon entered the school, came home from school every day to do in china!相关的主题文章: