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Help Huang Xiaolei live together with Li Jing love charity works – Entertainment Sohu Huang Xiaolei help charity     Huang Xiaolei micro-blog   Huang Xiaolei micro-blog called on everyone to do public Sohu entertainment news recently, Huang Xiaolei participate in the bazaar charity sponsored public service activities # live life painting line #, called for the community to participate in charitable donations, the scene to draw "flying" the ambulance, the expression of vision. Huang Xiaolei in bazaar charity live, borrowed the daughter of the brush, paint the way to live in the area need an ambulance to raise money, more and more people who need help. Huang Xiaolei live on the day of the program is busy recording, coincides with the day because of the workload is too large and did not eat on time led to acute stomach cramps, the work stopped a short break. The stomach was improved, Huang Xiaolei admits that he now live kinda need an ambulance, considering the traffic congestion, so suddenly thought of "flying ambulance", hope to convey the ambulance away from traffic, regardless of the weather, good wishes to save more people. Huang Xiaolei during the live broadcast, Li Jing and Huang Xiaolei came to visit the complete original ambulance, very love funny, and sign the two name. Huang Xiaolei called, as long as we have the time to have the ability, even if it is only a little bit of charity, are very meaningful thing, I hope you can participate in public welfare activities to help people in need. It is reported that the Huang Xiaolei broadcast is "King" in cross-border comedy recording, long-term high intensity work led to the old habit of recurrence, time to call the work should pay more attention to your body, it is necessary to ambulance public welfare activities.相关的主题文章: