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Hsu Chi admit is joined "chowhound twelve Feng taste 3" only for the delicacy – Sohu   entertainment; Hsu Chi also did not forget to enjoy the delicious self entertainment Sohu recently, Feng taste chef Nicholas Tse and actress Hsu Chi both appeared in Taiwan downtown streets, for the upcoming "Twelve Feng taste 3" to find new inspiration delicacy two people, walking and eating, have attracted passers-by onlookers. It is understood that the two men is very good friends, mutual cooperation is more than once, 18 years ago to participate in "energy-saving" (1998), "cigarette" (1999), "hero" (1999) and other films show, then the time also had contact. The two people to work together to record food programs, which fans have expressed their expectations. During the program recording, Hsu Chi also changed the old image of the goddess, pulling Nicholas Tse street, the street looking for delicious, also said he is actually a full, it is reported that Hsu Chi "chowhound" usually also has on his micro-blog sun on various delicacy photos, full of Taiwan property chowhound, street food distribution Qingjushulu, the delicacy is more familiar. Because of the love of food, Hsu Chi also with Momoco Tao, a joint venture in Taiwan, a gourmet restaurant, and the in the "Feng flavor of the 3" cooperation is to make her a big surprise. Enjoy the delicacy at the same time, Hsu Chi also did not forget the funny sell adorable, it is impossible to imagine such a lovely goddess. The day of the recording is very smooth, high value added Yan Hsu Chi, also make the program more seductive, delicious. Since the launch, "Twelve Feng taste" has always been to "find the world delicious" as its mission, searching through visit well-known mountains and rivers, high streets and back lanes, to the mouth of the food taste fragrant lips and teeth, Xie chef in a special snack throughout the streets of downtown, also is not the first time. Until the day before the "3 front flavor" Promo officially released, the film broke the heavy guest lineup suction eye a lot, in addition to the goddess Hsu Chi, and queen Michelle Yeoh, pop star Jolin Kung fu…… In a word, see the international line of the big coffee studded lineup, Nicholas Tse had lamented the circle of "luxury". As a top delicacy show, "Twelve Feng taste" has always been a rich content and excellent production by insiders said, when the chef Nicholas Tse has been superb cuisine continuously crafted. The "3" front flavor will also invite many coffee star to participate, Feng taste taste delicacy. Xie Dachu’s footprint will also be across the world, this will bring the audience what kind of delicious food? Really worth looking forward to!相关的主题文章: