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Business WordPress is one of the most fantastic blog and Content Management Systems available, it was first used only by people who blog, but now its extra features have transformed it away from just a blog platform in to a fully fledged CMS. There are hundreds of reasons to use WordPress, first, it is .pletely free, it is also quick to install. With the correct web host you can have it fully working within a couple clicks of your mouse. As well as this, there are thousands of templates, some are free or cheap, some are premium. WordPress developers have gotten behind it in a huge way so there are simply loads of plugins, there is a plug-in for almost everything you could think of! For SEO WordPress is absolutely fantastic, you have total control of the structure of your website, if you use the correct plug-ins you can optimise WordPress so it’ll appear in Ask search listings with little effort. One draw back of WordPress (and all other opensource script) is that there are always updates. If you don’t keep WordPress updated you risk your site being hacked and having your website used for malware. The theme supplied with WordPress is quite basic and not bad for SEO, with little code there isn’t much getting in the way of your post content. It’s quite bland though, so if you’re wanting to have human readers you should look in to getting a new template ASAP. Article creation and creation of categories is very easy, with a few clicks you’ll have a new category added and within a few minutes you will be able to publish your first post. It is worth turning off NoFollow for .menters as this will entice people to post .ments, many people .ment on blogs to get backlinks for their own sites. To stop spam .ments just install a plugin named Akismet to get rid of most spammers. Akismet will catch 99% of them, with the other 1% you can manually choose to allow or nuke their .ment. Using other plug ins like the ‘Related Post’ plugin you can create intelligent links between posts as well, so once your viewers have finished viewing your initial blog post they will be prompted to view another on another topic. Making use of WordPress to create more viewers to your actual site is a handy idea. Post lots of relevant info about your area of expertise every week, aggregate all your articles to Twitter and all of the Web 2.0 services, in a few months you’ll have lots of viewers reading your blog. At the same time your blog may be.e more important in Yahoo’s eyes for the topic of your choice and may increase the rank of your website to a better position for the terms you want to SEOize towards, plus your Alexa ranking may go up. If you are looking to make a blog to sell then you need to have a good Alexa rank. If you’re looking to run more than one blog, WordPress is also the best tool for that. With the creation of WordPress MU you can create and run hundreds of blogs from a single WordPress installation. If you .bine WordPress Mu with BuddyPress you then have your very own social media network, and it’s free! In conclusion there is no better blog app than WordPress right now. With such a large .munity coding for it, it just gets stronger each day. In time WordPress will be.e a great CMS, however there are not enough CMS themes for it. If you are looking for a good CMS you should look at Joomla and use WordPress for your main blog. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: