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UnCategorized Internet Teleconferencing has entered our lives recently, as a result of the overall penetration of internet in every aspect of our social and professional life. Conferences online have many advantages, thus, their popularity is not accidental or surprising. Why does a modern .pany need internet teleconferencing? What are its advantages? Internet Teleconferencing is above all, cheap. It is easy and money saving method of .munication among professionals, or even individuals that leave far away from each other and do not have other possible means of live audio-visual .munication. * When it .es to .panies, internet teleconferencing is the most effective way to organize a meeting online, allowing participation of people from every place in the world. One of the most known executives of a large corporate groups explained last month that during recession internet teleconferencing is probably the easiest way to keep business on the same level, .municating with all branches of the .pany in the world, a procedure that would normally cost some thousands of dollars (for travelling or simple video conferencing methods). Instead, using Skype and its video abilities for free, the .pany saves more than 10,000$ per month. Even for smaller .panies, the reduction of expenses is not insignificant at all. * Internet teleconferencing can prove helpful in hiring new employers as well; if a .pany located in NY wants to hire people in Los Angeles, or for its branch is in London, HR person should travel from one place to another, interviewing and evaluating candidates. Now, .panies can actually cut the bill to zero, while getting an excellent sense of who is the best candidate for each position. This example is maybe simple, but many corporate groups with multiple branches in several cities and continents use this method now, in order to interview new potential employees. * Professionals can organize seminars and workshops online, allowing participation from everywhere; .panies do not need to pay the travel expenses of instructors and exponents, because they can instruct or hold their seminars and speeches online, through video teleconferencing that takes place online. Internet teleconferencing is a time saving method; trips of that kind take too much invaluable time for businesses and professionals. * Since internet teleconferencing is much cheaper and less time consuming than traveling to face to face conferences or meetings, .panies tend to organize more web conferences of all kinds: regular meetings, instructional, educational and much more. The more the .munication and the contact, the more the personal contact that can make a huge difference for the in-business relationships. Interaction possible in a more flexible and versatile way, and offers multiple possibilities, much more than simple audio or video conference. * Online teleconferencing offers people the chance not only to exchange opinions and ideas, but most importantly the chance to share images and diagrams, pictures and slides, anything that can help work get done faster. A web based conference allows people to multi task and increases possibilities, something that was not possible before with simple audio meetings. Online meetings took the idea of conference one step further. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: