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.puters-and-Technology Registry Issues are very .mon these days as we are trying to keep as much software/hardware as possible in our PCs. There can be many reasons for these kinds of issues. But before going to that, we need to understand what a registry is. Windows registry is a database automatically maintained to store settings and options for Windows OSs. It has settings for everything (both software and hardware) the .puter has in it. Windows need these files to operate successfully. If any of these files are deleted or damaged due to some reason, then it badly hampers the working of the system. It may happen that a damaged registry can prevent the system from booting successfully. A corrupted registry causes the registry issues. And for this very reason these files are hidden so that the user could never do any harm to them, not even accidentally. Preventing and fixing Registry Issues are must. If you do not do this, then you may face various problems like a degraded operating speed, sudden crash etc. And trying to fix a problem after it happened is more difficult as .pared to preventing it from appearing. Irrespective of the kind of your use of the .puter and how long you have used it, there might be many reasons why the registry gets corrupted. The size of the registry increases with the files and settings for programs that are no more in use, some spyware"s settings that got itself installed in your system, presence of unused but undeleted drivers, installing or uninstalling of any hardware, files left by a software which you deleted which was not uninstalled successfully, or many such reasons. With so many addition and deletion the registry may be.e corrupted and with that you will face many problems as defined earlier. There are mainly 2 ways to fix and prevent these registry issues. You can either do it manually or can use any registry cleaner software tool. Doing it manually means, you need to go to the folder and then delete, update, manipulate, or download & add files to the registry. This demands an extra caution, because if you corrupt any file of delete the file by mistake, then you may face bigger and worse registry issues with the system. Using a registry cleaner is a wiser way as per my suggestion. It is just a software which removes the unused files and data from the registry without you worrying much. There are also some cleaners which .e with "back-up and restore" capability to undo any changes made by the cleaner if you find out that it hampers the functionality of any program in the .puter, or if anything goes wrong while the cleaning process. Other than these 2 solutions, there is only one solution left for this issue. In the worst case, you need to re-install Windows in the system. To make your system"s performance enhanced and stable, the registry should be kept clean, so that the registry issues are dealt well with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: