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Home-and-Family When purchasing a mattress and box spring for an existing bed it is easy to know the correct size. If the bed in need of a mattress happens to be antique, it is important to measure the size of the frame that the new box spring and mattress will rest in. Many antique bed frames do not fit modern mattresses and therefore need a specialty mattress. If you are unsure of the size mattress needed, simply measure the bed frame and compare to modern bed sizes. That is if you already have a bed frame. For people in the market for an all new bed– from the frame to the mattress– it is important to first consider just exactly how much is needed and how much space is available to fit the bed. If the bed is for a child, a twin size bed may be suitable. A single adult most likely needs at least a full size bed, though a larger bed may be preferred. For couples, the general rule of thumb is to have a queen or king mattress. While personal sleep-space preferences are very important, the buyer should also consider the physical room space that is available for the bed to take up. Before heading to the mattress store, measure the area where the bed will be. Interior design standards state that at least two feet (24 inches/ 61 cm) of space are needed around the bed in every direction except the wall against which the head of the bed will sit. If the bed faces a dresser or closet, then three feet (36 inches/ 92 cm) of space are needed between items. This is to allow for movement and activities within the room. If not enough is left, then it will be very difficult to move about within the room, and changing the bed for this reason can be quite costly. To determine the maximum bed size, measure two to three feet from every object or wall around where the bed will be. Use tape to mark the floor. Doing this in every direction creates a rectangular shape in tape on the floor. Next, use a measuring tape to measure the inside dimensions of the taped off shape. Then compare it to a mattress size chart to determine the largest size bed that can fit into the allotted space. Knowing how much bed is needed and will fit the allocated space makes bed frame shopping much easier. It is best not to guess, as guessing can lead to costly errors or cramped living space. Taking time to lay out the room and know where the bed will go is a simple way to help ensure that there will be no buyer’s remorse over the size of the bed purchased. About the Author: Quality sleep slows the signs of aging, helps keep the mind sharp, and reduces stress. The purchase of a quality mattress is a vital investment in personal health. Ortho Mattress specializes in high quality, affordable, orthopedic mattresses and client education to ensure all customers a good night’s rest. Find a store at: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Home-and-Family 相关的主题文章: