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Arts-and-Entertainment If you’re thinking of doing a homestay in Australia, you’re probably planning to go to Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne. The big cities are fun, but if you want to experience the "real" Australia, there are so many beautiful and fun places to study and live in Australia that are away from the big cities… the problem is, all the big homestay agencies only offer homestay families in the cities. So how do you find a good homestay family away from the city? And what makes a good homestay family?? The first thing to ask your self is: what’s the main reason you want to come to Australia. For most of you, it’s probably because you want to study English. So, finding a good English school should be your no. 1 priority. Most English schools offer a homestay service, where they find you a local family for you, which makes things very easy, and if you have any problems, they’ll help you to solve them, or organize a new homestay family for you to move to etc. The only downside to finding a homestay family this way is that they usually charge quite a high price for the service. Another way to find a great homestay family is to search on the internet. These days, there are many different websites where students and host families can post their information online, and contact each other directly to organize a homestay. These systems are cheap (often free) to use, but the problem with finding a family on these sites is that many of the host families who put their profile on these websites only want to host homestay students to make some money, and they don’t really care about international culture, or making international friends. So you may find that you have more problems with homestay families that you find on these internet sites. Still, that shouldn’t put you off – there are many amazing families on these sites too! In addition, organising things yourself teaches you how to take care of yourself, and become more independent, which are very valuable skills to have in life. And of course, finding a family online will mean you don’t have to pay any agency fees, so you’ll save money too! If you decide to find a homestay family by asking an agency, or a local English school, you probably won’t have much choice about which family you can stay with. Usually, they will allocate you to a family, tell you about it, and you have to accept it. Of course, all the families the agency or school choose for you have gone through a screening and interview process, so they will most always be very good families. But if you do decide to find a homestay family yourself, you should be sure to check a few things before you choose a family: 1. What does your homestay family do? Many homestay families are out of the house a lot of the time, at work etc. For some homestay students, this is a good thing, because they get their own private time, without having to challenge themselves to speak English while at home. But one of the most beneficial aspects of doing a homestay is that you can spend time with a local family, learning all about their local lives, local customs, becoming their friend, and sharing good experiences with them. So if possible, you should try to find a homestay family that will have free time to spend with you at home. That way, you’ll be able to improve your English by speaking to them at home a lot more! 2. Do your homestay family have an interest in foreigners? Most Australian families are kind, but if they don’t understand much about foreign culture, or just aren’t very interested in foreigners, then you’re more likely to have problems with culture shock etc. when settling into your new homestay life. If you want to have a comfortable and enjoyable homestay, you should try to find a family who are interested in travel, or foreign culture, or languages etc. This demonstrates that they are people who enjoy learning about foreign culture and lifestyle, so if you have different customs / behaviours at home, they will notice them more easily, and will make more effort to ensure you adapt as quickly and smoothly as possible into Australian life. Anytime problems arise, you don’t have to feel nervous talking to them about it, because they will have probably experienced culture shock themselves in their past (when they traveled abroad), and together they will help you to overcome the problem. So whether you find a homestay family on your own, or you decide to contact an agency or school to do it for you, just make sure they’re interested in making foreign friends, and that they’ll have free time to spend time with you, and you’ll have a fantastic time! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: