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How to buy a homepregnancy test? Is to buy 2, or buy 20? The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share forwarding, when the media reproduced please contact the author, Dr. dove air863 pregnancy preparation, we will definitely not buy a homepregnancy test. Many people say, buy it, not a few dollars. However, when it comes to the pharmacy, only to find that there are more than one or two, and there are dozens of! Buy cheap bar, do not worry; buy expensive bar, I do not know is really good. We don’t care how much it costs, what we care about is whether the money is worth it. In fact, homepregnancy test different prices, the only difference is your homepregnancy test more attractive packaging, the operation is more convenient. A summary is: expensive may be more convenient, make you feel that you spend money. Packaging is good, you will also "brain supplement" out of the product in other areas of "advantage"". Many look at those cheap products, simple, looking at people can not rest assured. Therefore, many people do not choose the most expensive, but also will not choose the cheapest, is to figure a peace of mind. Do not pursue too good, at least not too bad, this is a lot of people’s minds. In fact, as long as the formal channels to buy a homepregnancy test, no matter what the price is, the effect is the same. Early pregnancy test paper is particularly convenient to use, we can do self testing at home, eliminating the trouble of going back to the hospital. In the test process, some of the small details, we must know that the test results to avoid inaccurate situation. Try to use a lot of morning urine may be encountered at noon or other time test, this test is no problem, but there will be a certain degree of accuracy. The use of morning urine test is not absolute, but the morning urine is absolutely the highest accuracy, this hope that we must be clear. Do not use paper packaging is damaged or expired many people encounter packaging is damaged or expired, will choose to try, if you want to take effect is not a new re test. In fact, this situation is completely unnecessary, will only make yourself more trouble. Once the paper is damaged or expired, the best choice is to lose. Test paper as much as possible in an hour after the use of a complete test strip open, must immediately use, do not place too long. A lot of people in the test will be more excited, do not know how to do, in short, is a waste of the best test time. In this case, it is easy to lead to inaccurate results. When we use homepregnancy test, must be in accordance with the instructions to operate correctly, so it can greatly improve the detection accuracy of the results. As for what to buy price homepregnancy test, we choose according to their own on the line, after all, feel very important during pregnancy.相关的主题文章: