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Fashion-Style The rising popularity of glow necklaces is due to a number of factors. Primarily, they’re a great, cost-effective way of displaying your personality and standing out in a crowd. Due to their glow in the dark properties, glow sticks became very popular as part of the growing rave culture in Europe and North America in the 1990s. Since then, they have be.e well-loved accessories in all walks of life, being particularly popular in the United Kingdom at fireworks parties or on Bonfire Night as well as still retaining their popularity in rave culture. So, then, how do glow necklaces actually work? Glow necklaces contain two specific chemical liquids which react in a way that a coloured, luminescent reaction is achieved. Think back to your school days and you may remember your chemistry teacher mixing two different clear coloured liquids together and getting a coloured liquid as the reaction. The chemical reaction inside glow necklaces is much the same, with the two liquids mixing to create a new, glow in the dark chemical .pound. You may notice that some glow necklaces are self activated, meaning that you have to bend or crack the necklace in order to make it glow. This is achieved using the same chemical reaction, but with an added twist. One of the chemicals is placed inside a tiny, delicate glass tube which is almost invisible to the naked eye. That is then surrounded by the second chemical, and placed inside the glow necklace. When you bend or snap the glow necklace, the miniature glass tube breaks and releases the chemical inside it, allowing it to mix with the other chemical and create the chemical reaction inside the glow necklace. And there you have it one glowing necklace! The chemical reaction tends to last for anything up to twelve hours and cannot be stopped or reversed. However, you can slow up and speed down your glow stick and also control the amount of luminescence it offers using a couple of simple methods. If you place your glow necklace in your freezer overnight, you will find that the chemical reaction lasts a lot longer and that the glowing of your glow necklaces continues. However, the amount of luminescence will decrease, so your glow necklace won’t glow as brightly. If you warm up the glow necklaces, you will notice that the amount of luminescence increases, but the life of the glow stick will decrease accordingly. You should only warm your glow necklaces using your hands or body and never put them in an oven or artificially warm them in any way. Glow necklaces are .pletely safe and the chemicals contained within them are non toxic, making them entirely safe for young children and adults alike. Should you .e into contact with the chemicals, simply washing your skin with soapy water should avoid any irritations. If the chemicals should .e into contact with your eyes, wash the eye with warm water in order to rinse the chemicals out. No further medical intervention should be necessary due to the safe, non-toxic make up of the glow necklaces. With glow necklaces making a fantastic accessory for any party or night time occasion, why not buy a few now? They’re cheaper when bought in bulk and can be used for virtually any occasion, including nightclubbing, parties, raves, firework displays, bonfire nights, night-time walking and any other activity carried out under artificial or low light. With such an affordable, fashionable accessory available literally at your finger tips, glow necklaces are perfect for so many occasions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: