Home + accessories to create a big home era demonophobia

Home Furnishing + accessories to create a "Home Furnishing era"?? recently, the twenty-second session of the Chinese International Furniture Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as furniture) and the debut of the modern Shanghai Home Furnishing fashion exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the modern Shanghai) finally ended, the show, many brands of new products have appeared, many of the original design exhibition to help release more wonderful, many Home Furnishing jewelry give people a surprise, this time from the furniture industry to Home Furnishing industry horizontal expansion and lifestyle show, like Home Furnishing design benchmark, has become a trend of exploration after Home Furnishing window design. ?? One of the platforms exhibitors enthusiasm unabated?? as the furniture industry’s most important trading platform, to participate in the annual Shanghai furniture exhibition, both exhibitors and visitors are always increasing, in order to meet the needs of the exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center and the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall two galleries, including 280 thousand square meters of modern furniture. Shanghai 70 thousand square meters (excluding New International), design week (including Meikailong Hunan, Jinqiao, Pujiang) 500 thousand square meters. The exhibitors for the 3500 enterprises, of which 2000 New International Expo Center, Expo 200, hongxingmeikailong cooperation 1200 stores, 100 stores linkage design week. Shanghai Furniture Fair, the number of exhibitors, the exhibition has increased the size of exhibitors enthusiasm unabated, according to reports, the New International Expo Center outdoor hall area expanded 35% over last year, the overall display area of 850 thousand square meters. Join the China International Furniture Fair, modern Shanghai fashion home show and Shanghai Home Design Week exhibition shop has increased by 17% over last year. ?? In addition, there are 26 countries and regions, a total of 236 enterprises in overseas brands overseas, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Belgium Pavilion, Italy, France, Singapore, South Korea and other 7 countries. According to the statistics, the exhibition a total of nearly 120 thousand visitors, an increase of approximately 18% over last year, to meet the needs of the audience, the exhibition also extended There was no parallel in history. three days before the exhibition time to 18:30. In addition to the attractiveness of the exhibition itself, home stores have become another platform for exhibitors attention, the exhibition and the integration of brand home stores have become one of the powerful promotion. The Shanghai furniture fair and hongxingmeikailong Pudong, Hunan, Pujiang bridge shop Qiangqiang jointly launched the "Meikailong new fall show". From the New International Expo Center, there are shuttle buses to connect three shopping malls, you can also go to the three shopping malls to see solid wood, children, software for the theme of the three exhibition. In addition, Meikailong also create the fund for the ten designers, ten brand enterprises appeared in Milan design week works – "the inheritance of · stand up, landing Shanghai modern fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition for the China debut. The whole category of customization as brand direction, provide all kinds of way of life for consumers?? brand future action hidden exhibition brand?? every time in the exhibition debut, to show themselves, exchange of experience and acceptance of the results, in Home Furnishing industry, removing crafted the breakthrough on the design process and the main points of these the major brands have been studied in this field, how to show the "fight" catch.相关的主题文章: