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Hollywood summer: horror movie sold about Tencent entertainment Disney joy (the toot) Hollywood last summer, a lot of box office records have been broken, "Jurassic world" (Jurassic Park), "the Avengers 2: Olympic record (Avengers: Age of Ultron era"), "team" (mind Inside Out) and "yellow people eyes" Adorable (Minions) of these films also hit. However, this year’s Hollywood summer file, but some people feel disappointed. Collider, a famous film and television information website, has also made a summary of this summer Hollywood. [horror movie success] in the past summer, the film company is not willing to launch a horror movie, this type of film is usually in the fall or winter middle market, because at that time the "Halloween" atmosphere. But this year, the Hollywood has proved that high quality horror film also has the market in the summer, Universal’s "human clear plan 3" (The Purge: Election Year) in the United States has grossed $79 million worldwide box office of $105 million 600 thousand, the film became the highest grossing film in the series. Warner’s "2" (The Conjuring 2 or $102 million) in the domestic box office, the global total of $319 million, the film also like it a great success. Other horror movie, a $4 million investment made "dark" (The Darkness), has grossed more than $10 million, $9 million 900 thousand investment in production of "don’t breathe" (Don t Breathe), the box office has reached $26 million 100 thousand. Of course, the biggest surprise this year is the "lights off" (Lights Out), new line cinema this horror film cost only $4 million 400 thousand, but the film at the box office in the United States has reached 65 million 400 thousand US dollars, the global box office is $125 million 600 thousand, the film has become one of the most profitable film of 2016. Needless to say, Hollywood will launch more horror movies in next year’s summer file. [continues] Warner overall for Warner company, 2015 summer was not easy, the company last year’s highest grossing movie starring dawn Johnson is · the "doomsday collapse" (San Andreas), the film grossed $473 million 900 thousand worldwide, and since China is also satisfied that the past 15 years, the first not a movie at the domestic box office of more than $200 million. The summer of this year, Warner launched "tearing" Detective (The Nice Guys) earned only a disappointing $36 million, whereas only the Warner US distribution rights, so they may even have a cost of $50 million even to put back. However, Warner’s overall performance is quite good, such as love film "met you before" (Me Before You), although made into)相关的主题文章: