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He Jie I play cross-border poplar comic by Sina entertainment news on Saturday, Beijing TV comedy show "king of comedy" cross-border competitive stage ushered in another crossover star — He Jie [micro-blog]. Program, He Jie cross-border challenge comedy, partner Yang Lin staged a comedy version of "Romeo and Juliet". With exaggerated humor comedy performances, won the first place in one fell swoop. At the same time, He Jie is being prepared in November 12th Beijing Workers Stadium "against stubborn" concert. From the concert only two weeks, He Jie was invited to cross-border comedy is really a. Careless, love laugh He Jie said, "king of comedy" in cross-border feeling very fresh, but the comedy show the biggest difficulty is laugh, "I could not help laughing. It shows on comedy team hard expressed admiration, they all love the night started, the whole team including the playwright and director of the three months already make it not good, I feel for this work is really not easy. "One hundred times harder than our singer," He Jie said with emotion, "I hope everyone can respect every comedian, think of a book, too much time to spend too much time." After 11 years, He Jie in the film, singing variety, have development, but she said he was not a workaholic, but no work will collapse ", said" not specifically what planning, singing is the main industry, other areas of interest to try hard, the most beautiful woman". At present, He Jie’s "2016 against stubborn" Beijing concert is being prepared, the concert will have been ready, please look forward to. (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章: