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Haze and children’s health – Sohu health in recent years, fog and haze gradually increased, the impact on people’s health, especially the more serious harm to children. What are the hazards of haze for children? 1, respiratory diseases from the physiological structure, children’s nasal respiratory tract is short, narrow, very easy to plug, defense capability is weak, the haze is more likely to invade, plus the immune system and respiratory system were not fully mature, susceptible to respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, bronchitis, chronic respiratory disease, asthma, etc.. 2, the sun rickets is a main way for children to get vitamin D, can promote the absorption of calcium, the fog and haze decreased sunlight, ultraviolet irradiation defects in children, insufficient production of vitamin D, will lead to serious rickets, slow growth; in addition, ultraviolet is the main weapon of the nature of atmospheric kill microorganisms such as bacteria, virus the haze weather caused the UV weakened, easy to infectious pathogens in the air activity increased, number of infectious diseases. 3, emotional instability and haze will affect the baby’s mood all day, in the shadow of heavy environment, the baby body in the pineal gland secrete more melatonin, use up hormone concentration cell work is relatively low, cause the baby is depressed, dull. How can we help children prevent haze damage? 1, haze days to avoid going out when the fog and haze, parents should let the child as far as possible to stay indoors, closed doors and windows. If you go out, need to reduce outdoor activities time and strength, and for the children to wear masks to prevent the poisonous qualified, fine particles into the lungs through the nose and mouth. Contact haze should be cleaned immediately to reduce the toxic particles attached to the body. When the air environment is good ventilation ventilation. 2, reasonable diet and children to maintain scientific life rule, avoid excessive overworked, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, keep respiratory tract moist, light diet, eat less spicy food, if necessary, may be appropriate to add vitamin D. 3, reasonable exercise, enhance the resistance when the weather is good, parents should take children to the outdoors, fog and haze may be appropriate indoor activities, improve the oxygen capacity of the lung, improve the body’s ability to adapt to the external environment and the ability to resist disease. (Zhang Jin)相关的主题文章: