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Business Driver Fatigue Driver fatigue may increase your chances of ending up in a crash. The mind starts to numb with slippages of conscience or micro-sleep, which might make our senses to lose track of the road and reduce the responsiveness and reflex action if a dangerous situation is set to arise. Research has shown almost 30% of the road crashes have been contributed by driver fatigue. The consequences of driver fatigue can be fatal with the most serious being death, injuries and property damage as the driver does not have the reflex senses to stop it from happening. Symptoms of driver fatigue The drivers cannot accurately assess their own levels of fatigue, which might ultimately lead to driver fatigue as the ability to assess the situation, and self-starts to decrease drastically. But there are some .mon symptoms, which can be looked out for. The deficit of attention when driving for long distances with same scenery can be one of the starting symptoms of driver fatigue. The fatigue results in the inability to open the eyes and nodding of the head along with consistent yawning, which can be detected by the driver. There are also cases when the driver cannot remember crossing a particular spot or signal, which is a memory loss for a few minutes due to the fatigued mind. Wandering thoughts while driving which can be associated to the memory loss stated above are also symptoms of drive fatigue. Slower responses or reflex actions to an impending situation such as braking in front of signals or four-way roads are also a major symptom, which might lead to moving out of lanes leading to severe conseque nces. If any of these symptoms exist while you are driving, it is safe to say that driver fatigue has impacted your driving performance. Causes of driver fatigue There are many causes for driver fatigue most of which can be associated with a simple lack of sleep. Lack of sleep maybe either due to quantity of sleep or the quality of the sleep (disturbed sleep), which might lead to fatigue. Also many people tend to drive at the time when they normally sleep to avoid traffic and reach sooner which also leads to severe fatigue as the brain has not got the rest for a long time. The low level of activity, both mental and physical-such as driving in a straight road without any scenery, can also contribute to micro-sleep and driver fatigue sensation. People suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia easily develop drivers fatigue. Other categories of drivers who are susceptible are .mercial long distance drivers and drivers who are driving after travelling across time zones (jetlagged). STOP Sleep- Electronic Anti-Sleep Alarm Stop sleep is a pioneer device that continuously monitors sleep levels through the skin conductivity, which is measured using 8 built in sensors. The device is simple to be worn on two fingers while driving without any disturbance to driving performance and provides warning signals in the form of vibrations and loud tones, which will immediately cause a spike in the concentration levels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: