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Have expired drugs, the country? (PRISM) – Society – people.com.cn according to statistics, China has about 70% families with medicine, but most families do not have regular cleaning habits. About 15 thousand tons of expired drugs a year, if you use a large truck to carry a ton of 5 tons, at least need to be 3000. Expired drugs can eat it? Expired drugs can be directly thrown away? After the expiration of the drug is returned to where? Reporters with these issues of common concern to the experts interviewed. Expired drugs can not eat, no harm to the body and ensure the effect of "go to the hospital, doctor of medicine are surplus, there are a lot of overdue days and months multiplying, also don’t know how to deal with." Who lives in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Wang Xia to sort out a large bag of expired drugs from her family. "In the past, I always feel uncomfortable looking for medicine to eat, only to find that some drugs expired, and sometimes too lazy to go out to buy medicine, a little expired medicine I have eaten, do not know if the body is harmful?" Wang Xia asked. Chinese Pharmaceutical Association hospital pharmacy Specialized Committee, said Zhang Xiaole, an expert on the safety of drugs, "expired drugs can not eat. The term of validity refers to the time when the medicine can guarantee the quality and curative effect. The use of expired drugs, can not guarantee the quality and efficacy, and may delay the disease, or even endanger the health situation." "Medicine is stored in a dry place for a long time, and in a damp place, the medicine will absorb moisture. In addition, granule, pill and adding excipient drug, mildew, will be at a certain temperature and the bacteria, mildew by the naked eye is difficult to distinguish." Zhang Chunbo, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd. Expired drugs can not eat, it can be discarded as ordinary garbage disposal? From the perspective of environmental protection, easy decomposition and evaporation of expired drugs, if in the trash, be treated as ordinary garbage, harmful components of expired drugs can penetrate into the soil and water, will eventually cause pollution to the environment. "But for the general public to harmless disposal of expired drugs in the home is not realistic, as long as others to avoid accidental expired drugs can. The family expired drugs are scattered, improper treatment of the environment is not obvious."   Zhang Xiaole said. Criminals received the drug in the city to sell high price, rural "has some special recovery drugs were active in between urban and rural areas, from the city to rural low-cost recovery, then sell high, the formation of recycling, selling" through-train "." Zhang Chunbo introduction. City recycling flow of drugs in rural areas are mainly located in rural areas directly to private clinics in remote, inconvenient medicine; processing in the center, the expired drugs replaced the new packaging, a new batch, sold to local small pharmacies. In addition, criminals will drill the health care system vulnerabilities, acquisition of patients unused drugs, even the acquisition of packaging high value of drugs, illegal drug counterfeiting activities."   Zhang Xiaole said. The drug recovery management still exists the legal gaps, gave criminals an opportunity. The current "Drug Administration Law" on the production, sale and use of drugs are clearly defined, but for the recovery of expired drugs, especially for scattered home相关的主题文章: