Hai Qing turned the new line of sea BB bombing of the eardrum (video) not stop complaining-cosmax

Hai Qing turned the new line of "sea BB" bombing of the eardrum complaining not stop small _33 > > > separation;; click to enter the Tencent video, watch "farewell" Tencent entertainment news recently, by actor Hai Qing starred in the TV drama "education large separation" is Zhejiang TV, Beijing satellite TV, played by Naka Mikiyoshi severe freaky image of the people. Some users will clip nagging Hai Qing picture into the video upload network, full of magic, a funny time to all the users, a few people called "Hai Qing greatly, please don’t BB me", "do not look at the face really thought it was my mother". As a TV drama hot body, Hai Qing played the role of family problems, housing problems, doctor-patient relationship to the development of the media industry, do their best to show the social focus to the audience. The TV series "small separation", Hai Qing promoted national "Royal mother", for the children’s education problems broken heart. The incarnation of Hai Qing "sharp Yan mother", as long as there is any problem, it turned hot monk complaining hundred, so familiar with the "Melody" also makes the "one world one mother" topic on the hot search list for the audience. Clips of the video, in the face of adolescent daughter, gentle husband and work on the opponent, Hai Qing firepower, gunpowder full. A Hai Qing domineering synthetic ignition lens, the perfect interpretation of the "new nickname sea BB", see the knees tremble, is really one minute to kneel rhythm ah.相关的主题文章: