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Gyeongju earthquake aftershocks frequent Korean government designated it as "special areas" in September Beijing Beijing – in 22, according to South Korean media reports, the 22 day, the South Korean government will specify the earthquake in Gyeongbuk city of Gyeongju as special disaster area". Since 12 this month, since the Qingzhou 5.8 earthquake occurred so far, 423 aftershocks have occurred in the area. This is the first time the South Korean government will be declared a special disaster area. Thus, Gyeongju can enjoy the national allocation of disaster relief costs. Residents in the affected areas of the psychological treatment, rehabilitation of damaged facilities and other aspects of the scale of funding will also be expanded, the residents of housing damage can get disaster relief funds. The Korea meteorological department on September 12th evening local time held a press conference said that evening at 8:32, two times more than magnitude 5 earthquake near the southeastern city of Gyeongju, including a 5.8 magnitude earthquake at the highest level in the history of South Korea, but there is no tsunami. The Korea meteorological department said, after the Qingzhou 5.8 earthquake, multiple aftershocks, as of now the voice of the 423 times. Korea meteorological agency expects 3 to 4 aftershocks are likely to continue for several months. According to the analysis of the Korea meteorological department shows that 90% of the aftershocks occurred in the range of 25 kilometers from the area of main shock radius, the average focal depth of 15.2 km. In addition, 70% aftershocks have occurred in the main shock occurred after two days, this is because the earthquake occurred, dislocation of the crust tends to return in situ. The Korea meteorological department also said, will not be strong aftershocks as Gyeongju 5.8 mainshock as happened again, but 3 to 4 aftershocks may last for several months. South Korea meteorological agency plans to reduce earthquake damage, as of 2018, will be more than 5 earthquake warning time from the current earthquake occurred after the second shortened to 10 seconds after the earthquake occurred in the second hour.相关的主题文章: