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You may sit or lie down for this meditation. Allow yourself to be in a state of relaxed Awareness. You may wish to record this text and play it back as a Guided Meditation. Be in a protected energy field with the tree. Allow all noises, sounds or sights to be distant and to fade to the periphery of your Consciousness. Begin to feel the consciousness of the tree. Feel the consciousness of the tree Feel its physical presence, its form, its roots, its trunk, its bark, its branches, its leaves Feel the trees roots reaching into the earth, holding the tree steady and also absorbing nourishment from the earth, taking in water and minerals Feel its trunk, the tree standing Feel the branches reaching into the sky Feel the air surrounding the tree and the light upon the tree Begin to go deeper Be.e conscious of the life energy and consciousness of the tree. Feel the trees aliveness Feel the trees consciousness The trees consciousness is not a human consciousness, but its own consciousness It is the consciousness and presence of the tree Feel your consciousness opening, expanding to include the consciousness of the tree Wel.e the treesconsciousness; find your ownconsciousness is expanding into the trees consciousness For the time being put aside yourhuman mind and simply feel theconsciousness of the tree Feel the trees consciousness inyou. Put aside your ownconsciousness, that is put asidefor now any personal thoughts, emotions, feelings orsensations Let your mind and thoughtprocesses be silent and fade into the background And allow the consciousness of the tree with its feelings and awareness to arise in you Experience the tree Merge with the tree (allow a period of silence) Avoid thinking, any interpretations orjudgements, rather let your experience of the tree be pure and direct Be open and available to experiencewhat ever the tree is experiencing in its consciousness Allow this presence of the tree to beeven deeper Allow the full feeling and experienceof the trees consciousness Remain with the tree in very closecontact You might notice how this awarenessof the pure presence and feelings of thetree creates a circle with you and thetree You might notice that the tree alsofeels your presence in itsconsciousness You might feel that the tree your consciousness andpresence You may feel in this circle of energy that you are being showered with energy from the sky You may feel the strength of the earth, feeling deeply rooted There is a circle of energy, the consciousness of the tree and you merging, you and the tree are one) Remain in silent .munion with the tree Remain here and now with no thoughts or projections Remain present and see how the tree also rejoices in your presence. Feel the trees presence in your expanded consciousness Remain present to all that is happening in this expanded consciousness, the merging of you and the tree (period of silence) Continue to feel the trees consciousness Experience in consciousness the life consciousness of the tree experiencing form, feelings and sensations Now notice all that is happening within awareness And slowly, very slowly, you begin to .e back, remaining in .munion with the tree and its consciousness Perhaps there are feelings of tenderness, love, appreciation or thankfulness that arise And you may want to express to the tree any of these feelings of love or appreciation You may express in any way that feels right and appropriate now your feelings of gratitude You allow your self to say adieu, goodbye for now and at the same time to accept any gifts from the tree As you .e back more and more now to your human consciousness, you know that your experience with the tree is .plete in itself(a few moments to assimilate your experience, then .ing back to a more active,awakened state, or, if you chose, to rest or even sleep) Allow your self to .e back, feeling your body, aware of your breathing, aware of any sensations in your human body Be present to your own human form. And you may Then open your eyes and .e back Or, if you wish to rest, to absorb this experience, you may also relax and rest now Thank you Namast. Celine Cloutier (aka Ma Sunder Gulabo) and Daniel Tigner Tree Flower Essences are natural remedies that bring great support via the light of their resonance helping us to learn to witness our emotions. They help us clear old wounds and open our hearts, which is a fundamental part of a natural healing process. The tree flower essences will support those involved in mediation, energy healing, light work and growth in consciousness Different Types Of Exclusive Indian Sarees Available By: besttrailstrave – Sarees have won the hearts of millions of people all across the world. Indian sarees are considered the epitomes of regional and cultural diversities of the country. 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