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Guangdong Lianjiang municipal government the city leaders were satirical irony poetry more than original title: Guangdong officials sacked a sacked deputy mayor had arrested his satirical poetry instruction guard, case 9 years outstanding at the end of September 2006, Guangdong Zhanjiang under the Lianjiang municipal government guard Ruan source, the night time wrote two local officials satirical verses, and then sending to the city’s more than kejiyishang cadres of the mobile phone. He said that this is to prevent some officials promotion. A source told the surging news () confirmed that the Lianjiang party secretary Wu Jiezhong when the instruction of the police investigation, Ruan Guoyuan was detained for 17 days and released on bail, no longer below. In March 2016, former vice mayor of Zhanjiang city Wu Jiezhong (Deputy departmental level) suspected of the crime of bribery investigation. 9 years of silence, Lianjiang poetry case ushered in a turning point, in July 14, 2016, Nguyen source submitted to the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, the state compensation claims, in July 18th by the Lianjiang municipal public security bureau. The afternoon of August 10th, the Guangdong provincial procuratorate official micro-blog news release, the case of alleged bribery case, has been investigated by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate and transferred to the prosecution. Mass Limerick city leaders criticized Ruan Guoyuan born in 1959, the original Lianjiang City Department of beverage factory workers, the factory went bankrupt, he went to the Lianjiang municipal government in 1996 the security department work, wages allocated by the municipal finance bureau. Ruan Guoyuan said, from the beginning of 2006, a military he repeatedly find the director of the Lianjiang authorities affairs Kwong, issued 2000 yuan of special care requirements. Ruan Guoyuan believes that he can find a solution to this issue of Jin Kuang process is not smooth, so in his own caretaker of the municipal government courtyard, looking for more than the city leaders to reflect this. The Ruan Guoyuan Kwong and her husband, when he was vice mayor of Lianjiang City, Momou dissatisfaction and questioned their official morality. As a guard, Nguyen sources know the municipal Party committee, the municipal government’s important political activities of the date arrangement. At the end of September 2006, Lianjiang city held the Party Congress, the Political Consultative Conference, the National People’s Congress, the three meetings are related to the general election. Ruan Guoyuan before the three important meeting, to spend 50 yuan to buy a non real name mobile phone card inserted with their own mobile phone, and then spent a whole night, his guard in Lianjiang municipal Party committee municipal knowledge, wrote two criticizing officials quanse transactions, buying and selling of doggerel. One of the songs that point to the then vice mayor of Lianjiang, when he was a director of Mo Kwong Lianjiang authorities affairs; another poem, of the Lianjiang municipal Party committee secretary Wu Jiezhong was born and pies, ridicule and satire, for Wu Jiezhong, a mason, see see meat you zhong…… Ruan Guoyuan of Lianjiang city and Zhanjiang city some Fu Keji cadres, in the next few days, received a series of the two Limerick Ruan Guoyuan sent anonymous mobile phone card. Ruan Guoyuan explained that he apply for special care in addition to this expression of frustration anger, also want to form public opinion in Lianjiang, the CPPCC, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, so don’t vote for the official German officials in question, to prevent the "bad" officer to promotion. The leaders personally ordered the arrest of Ruan Guoyuan said the doggerel, spread rapidly in the local Lianjiang officials to fire. Ruan Guoyuan later thought, although he mass.相关的主题文章: