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Green alliance, Android system end – Sohu barbaric growth technology as HUAWEI’s new flagship intelligent mobile phone, is currently the peak of Mate9 was listed on the product, causing widespread concern, the domestic first is brought up Fengqiang line shop online. However, unlike other mobile phone conference, HUAWEI is not in the Shanghai sports center with the Mate9 listing of the machine launched the "more money" peripheral products, but with four domestic Internet giant Android has launched the green alliance. Android green alliance is China first committed to enhance joint Android application experience, the founding members include Baidu, Ali, HUAWEI, Tencent, NetEase, more than and 500 involved, covering the whole of China Mobile terminal users, domestic TOP communication, social services, search engine, game camp and the most powerful mobile phone equipment manufacturers association the representative of the mainstream opinion. So, HUAWEI’s consumer business is also starting from the actual action, so that HUAWEI mobile phone will own the pattern further, more leadership style. Android system popularity, a huge amount of users, improve the user experience has become a pressing matter of the moment in the third quarter of this year the global intelligent mobile phone market, Samsung is still the first shipments, but affected by the battery door and the continued downturn in decline, ranked second in the apple shipments decreased by 5.3%, reduced to million, ranking third in the HUAWEI shipments rose 23% million, to. HUAWEI’s mobile phone shipments are rapidly approaching apple, the turning point is likely to occur in the first quarter of next year, Mate9 may act as a killer. It is no exaggeration to say that HUAWEI has become a leader in the global mobile phone camp Android system, replacing Samsung as the industry’s benchmark. HUAWEI in the high-end market breakthrough, need to make the mobile phone operating system is similar to the iOS "praise", in order to emulate apple, HUAWEI also needs to solve the problems above the Android system for the industry to play an exemplary role, otherwise, Android camp will always be a head of apple press. Android system to develop rapidly, in terms of user usage and device richness far more than apple, thanks to its openness. Different mobile phone manufacturers, application development companies launched a massive resources, allowing users to enjoy an unprecedented wealth of the Internet should be convenient, creating a great development of the current mobile internet. However, at the same time, in fact, unmanned zone Android system also brings compatibility, security issues. Different developers can freely join "contraband", for their own interests constantly desperately resource consuming "eat hardware", even interfere with each other, mutual exclusion, completely abandoned the user experience for this idea, let a lot of Android users complain incessantly, has become the biggest obstacle to the Android mobile phone further. We need to see is that now the new technology of 4G, VR, AR, 2K and so on double camera manufacturers and Android systems emerge in an endless stream, if the application developers continue to "do", will be overwhelmed with the user’s mobile phone hardware and system, resulting in the rapid decline in product reputation, may eventually lead to the industry’s "subversion". Also in the upcoming super.相关的主题文章: