Gotze facing brutal competition for the new season of World Cup back! (video)

Gotze facing brutal competition for the new season of World Cup back! Decisive moment! Inventory of ten key lore Goetze scored Messi Mengsui Brazil bench sports reporter Lee about reports although gotze + after joining Dortmund is not in the official debut, but the German team coach Loew again to help shoulder the task of adjusting the state of the name of love. And Finland, the game not only played the full court, and two goals from his assists. Maybe after the fighting in the league, gotze will soon go into battle for Dortmund. Loew is in Dortmund and coach Tucher gotze will communicate, selected for the national team training list, before there was news that gotze to stay at the club. This shows that gotze injuries have no problem, just need time to get back to the game, Tucher also said: "we must help him to find the feeling on the pitch, he needs to get the trust of teammates and a lot of energy, but these are not his, because he played in a period of time before is too small." Frankly, gertze in the game against Finland did not reach the best state is somewhat hesitant, shot, the second half once disappeared. Loew also believes that the grid is still lack of impact, speed and running, but also need more competition to find the right rhythm. But in general, this is the first time in a long time gotze played the full game, the first step is gratifying. After the game’s decision to make everyone feel at ease: everything is good before the game, are in accordance with the plan." Now the gotze also need to play more games for the state but gotze in return to the club, to play in the hands of Tuchel, also need to prove himself by doing in training, and now the Dortmund front is very competitive. Current plans are still working hard to get a chance to play against Norway on Sunday. Wolf fort center Gomes absence due to injury, Leverkusen striker Frand because of hand fracture surgery to rest for two weeks, the grid in the forward line of the opponent is not much. In the past when playing for Bayern, although gotze could not be a regular playing time in the Guardiola handle, but Loew was still on his favored. This is reminiscent of the original Podolsky and Keluoze, although the poor performance in the club, but still in the national team to get the firm support of Loew.相关的主题文章: