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Lenovo Mobile: from the fire to good coaching technology Sohu – Sohu specializes in marketing science and technology article Fan Rong Lenovo yesterday announced a new appointment, in addition to welcome three new executives, Lenovo also on mobile business person in charge of the adjustment, Qiao Jian will serve as vice president of Lenovo Group and the high level of mobile business, mobile business Chinese responsible person the Group Co president, Chen Xudong will replace retiring Wang Xiaoyan, served as senior vice president of Lenovo Group, responsible for global business services. From Liu Jun to Chen Xudong to the next year, more than a year, Lenovo Mobile executives changed three times in. The Lenovo Mobile adjustment, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing said, Qiao Jian in the previous Lenovo had very rich marketing and international business integration experience in China market focus resources, win the battle of mobile phone. "Through the efforts of recent years, lenovo mobile phone products, including design, innovation has made great progress, but China should increase the ability of marketing." Yang Yuanqing said. A person familiar with the situation said Yang Yuanqing repeatedly mentioned in the internal meeting of Lenovo, why MOTO phones sold well in other countries, but in contrast to China’s great. Chen Xudong after replacing Liu Jun, Lenovo’s several major brands of mobile phones on product positioning, channels and so do a re combing and planning, and Lenovo’s next step is to focus on the promotion of MOTO phones in china. Chen Xudong has been known as Lenovo’s fire team member Chen Xudong has always been known as the fire fighters. Last June, Chen Xudong succeeded Liu Jun in charge of lenovo mobile phone business, in more than a year of adjustment to the mobile phone: first, cut down more than 60% Lenovo models; second, determine the Chinese market mobile phone product line, MOTO flagship high-end business crowd, positioning; ZUK the main group of young people; third, proposed to re create a a new Lenovo Mobile phone from three aspects: brand, products and channels. In the meantime, the lenovo mobile phone also launched several more selling point of the product, including the MOTO experience shatterproof screen mobile phone moto X 3 years of research and development; ZUK two flagship mobile phone Z2 Pro and ZUK movement Z2; in September this year, moto introduced the main hardware modules of moto Z. Lenovo Mobile business quarter revenue comparison (unit: million) from Lenovo released second quarter earnings, mobile service revenue of $2 billion, the annual reduction of 12%, compared with the previous quarter increase of 20%. Mobile business overall operating profit margin than the previous quarter improved 4 percentage points, the average price increased by 18% over the year. In particular, the Moto product sales grew by nearly 40% over the previous quarter. Thanks to this, the overall sales of smart phones increased by nearly 25% over the previous quarter, the market share increased by the previous quarter by 0.6 percentage points. Compared to the previous quarter, Lenovo Mobile has started to improve in the second quarter, after the acquisition of MOTO, Lenovo’s several mobile phone brands including Lenovo, ZUK, MOTO, Le Meng. The integration of the original independence ZUK also return to lenovo. Mobile Service M相关的主题文章: