Go to the west to the East, across the years of secret law to China Tourism – Sohu sichen

Go to the west to the East, across the years of secret law to China – Sohu of Japanese tourism Nanshan Temple when walking in the mountains shrouded in Nanshan, inadvertently be a hidden in the green grove red building attraction: thick Japanese style appearance, but also like to enter the door to cross back in the Tang dynasty. Scorpio’s keen and search for the nature of the essence, so that I can not afford to have a strong interest in it, why so different buildings will appear here? Into the room, found ten cases of Shingon Buddhism "dongmi architecture, Mandala, ritual, ritual… Presented one by one in front… This is the only Chinese, can feel the "mantra" culture of the temple, however beautiful solemn Royal Palace temple, has a history spanning thousands of years, beyond the borders of the story. Front Gate ridge roof, two of the copper fish instead of in the ancient Chinese Chiwen, copper fish height of 1.8 metres (domestic ancient history of the ridge of the largest copper fish). The door with master Li Juming personally written column: "antithetical couplet Nan Yu Wu Hong dense philosophic comprehension myth, fairy domain vidyadhara method in yoga?". The secret law to Yokado, the main worship Tathagata, Sam, Dharma Master, and one mahamayuri and Japan eighty-eight dojo. The median sitting cross legged and Bodhisattva is Tathagata, for worship and the esoteric deity is also a primitive Buddha, for all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and the return of the fruit body, is the main gold statue, two mandala of tyre. Via Wu Millennium close end return to the highest level of the development of Buddhism in India Tibetan faith China in Tang Dynasty, has the good fearless, Jin Gangzhi and not empty three "Kaiyuan three +" secret law will promote Sheng, known as "Tang.". In the year 804, Japan sent Konghai monk, the study in China, thanks to Changan Hui Guo monk (seventh patriarch of esoteric Shingon (Science), King Kong, esoteric) by Taicang two density method. Later, monk Kukai learned esoteric secret, east to Japan after Philip Buddhism (the method known as dongmi before), the creation of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, and was spread to Japan and preserved in Japan, lays a solid foundation for Japanese buddhism. Originally in the land of China Heritage of the Tang MI, then hit the Tang Wuzong Huichang calamity destroy Buddha, Tang Chuan vast slowly. In 1989, Li Juming won the Hongkong cultural master two Dafa, 1996 in Koyasan officially, with grant number. 97 return, by Li Juming heritage gangmi returned to the motherland, Lee heart to Chinese will secret identity back to feeding Chinese, "Kong" to create "preaching" in 2005 by the Shan Xiuming dense, central interview, to visit China in the Bureau proposed "secret law to China" program, thousands of years lost the Chinese density method, then go home. In 2006, Lee Konghai Memorial Garden Nanshan donations to build a method to show dense Yokado, dense Mandala, Tang musical instruments, statues, rituals Chinese rare Tang culture by way of culture communication. Go to the west to the east of Allusions in the year 752, the Tang Dynasty for Dharma Master Jian Zhen visited Japan five times after drifting to the Nanshan, lived here for a year and a half years and the construction of the temple,.相关的主题文章: