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Glass cleaning workers face was injured workers: from the floor of the gap between the fall down the scene of western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Hu Hao) today (September 16th) morning, Xi’an city tamie Mr. witnessed a wounded man lying on the ground in Weiyang road near. Witnesses Mr. Hui: "this morning is probably more than ten of the time, I went to the Weiyang road of China Merchants Bank to save money, came out and found a worker lying on the ground, there was blood on the floor, including his mouth was bleeding." There was blood on the ground and blood in his mouth. What did the man lying on the ground do? Witness: Mr. Hui: "the workers are cleaning the glass on the exterior wall of the building. When I enter the bank, I see that there are several workers working on it, at least above six or seven floors." At that time, Mr. Hui from the witnesses to the photo shoot, the injured workers lying downstairs in building Weiyang road in Xi’an City, there are scattered around the earth. And after the incident, you can still see in the scene, there is dangerous aerial work, please do not close to the security tips. Then, the reporter saw the wounded in the emergency workers in a hospital near Weiyang road in Xi’an City, Cory. According to the workers, the injured worker surnamed Zhang, more than 20 years old. The injured workers workers: "from the gap between the buildings fell down, fell down, people have a rope on the rope and then one or two meters high from the ground, when the ground one meter high, paused, the body of the lump of iron from the rope, and then the mouth accidentally hurt." The workers at the scene said that the construction of a total of eight workers, before the incident, Zhang master workers are working in Xi’an city by building two or three meters from the ground at a wall on the platform, to wash the glass finishing, and construction also have a construction permit, security measures are in place, is injured accident. The injured workers workers: "wash the glass, the foot slipped, and the rope body lock the lump of iron, directly hit the face smashed." The injured workers workers: "at the foot of glass, is wearing boots, then water and detergent was very slippery." Emergency room, you can see lying in bed workers Zhang master, mouth injury obvious. By the time we left, the treatment continued, and the family members had already arrived at the hospital. The workers of Zhang also contacted the insurance company to deal with the matter. At the same time, reporters to provide those aerial work workers, must pay more attention to avoid injury.

玻璃清洗工人脸部被砸伤 工友:从楼的缝隙间跌下来   事发现场   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市快报》记者 胡浩)今天(9月16日)上午,西安市民惠先生在未央路附近目睹了一名受伤倒地的男子。   目击者惠先生:“今天早上大概就是十点多的时候,我去未央路的招商银行去存钱,出来的时候就发现一个工人在地上躺着呢,地上都是血,包括他口里也在流血。”   地上有血迹,嘴里还流血,这位躺在地上的工人到底是干什么的呢?   目击者惠先生:“工人是给经发大厦的外墙擦洗玻璃的,我进银行的时候看到了,就是有好几个工人正在操作,至少在六七层以上了。”   从目击者惠先生当时拍到的照片来看,受伤的工人躺在西安市未央路的经发大厦楼下,周围地上还有散落的绳索。而事发后,在现场依旧可以看到,有高空作业危险,请勿靠近的安全提示牌。紧接着,记者在西安市未央路附近一家医院的急诊科里见到了那名受伤的工人。据工友称,受伤的工人姓张,20多岁。   受伤工人的工友:“从那个楼的缝隙间跌下来了,跌下来了后,人身上有绳子,绳子那时候离地面有一两米高,在离地面一米高的时候,停顿了一下,身上的铁疙瘩脱离了绳子,然后把嘴部不小心碰伤了。”   工友说,当时在现场施工作业的一共有八名工人,事发前,工人张师傅正在西安市经发大厦楼下离地面两三米高的一处外墙平台上,进行玻璃清洗完的最后收尾工作,而且施工也都具备施工证,安全措施也都到位,受伤纯属意外。   受伤工人的工友:“正洗着玻璃呢,脚下滑了一下,然后身上绳子锁的那个铁疙瘩,直接打到脸上打烂了。”   受伤工人的工友:“脚下是玻璃嘛,穿的是雨鞋嘛,然后水加洗洁精本来就很湿滑。”   急诊室内,可以看到躺在病床上的工人张师傅,嘴部受伤明显。截止到我们离开时,治疗还在继续,家属也已经赶到了医院,张师傅的工友们也联系了保险公司来处理此事。同时,记者借此提供那些高空作业的工人们,一定要多加注意,避免受伤。相关的主题文章: