Get married, we love each other Mango will broadcast

"Marry me" and "we love you" companion mango will broadcast Sina entertainment news from October 14th to October 16th, the high-profile eleventh Golden Eagle TV Art Festival will be held in Hunan grand Changsha. Director Liu Jiang [micro-blog] directed drama "we love it" will be unveiled at the opening ceremony. Liu Jiangxie Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog] six starring collective debut in 2010 and early 2012, directed by him the "good times" and his wife "before dawn" were excellent long drama awards. In 2014, Liu Jiang is by virtue of "let’s get married" won the best director award for heavy weight. Also in 2012, "let’s get married" just shoot, was invited to the opening ceremony of the Golden Eagle festival. 4 years later, "we love it" once again at the golden eagle. In an interview, Liu Jiang said: "the mood is completely different 4 years ago," let’s get married "was still filming, and this" we love it ", has completed all the work late, is a state to be broadcast, like daughter will get married, feeling excited and nervous. This drama from three years ago began to prepare the script, the script writing light for two years, filming took 5 months later and lasted for 6 months, every step of the work, I hope to achieve excellence, apply a popular word, I think I also used a "field force" in the complete drama. I am especially grateful for the support and affirmation of our new Golden Eagle Festival Organizing Committee, especially hope that after the TV broadcast, the audience can get love". It is reported that, "we love it" by the Beijing Television Culture Co., Ltd. perfect paragon Beijing perfect television media Co. Ltd., Beijing Confucianism is intended to Showtime Film Investment Company Limited. The opening ceremony at the golden eagle, director Liu Jiang and producer Tong Wang [micro-blog] will join Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yuan Hong, Zhang Xilin, Ming [micro-blog] [micro-blog] grand debut. 20 years before the voice director Liu Jiang, and also starring the six TV drama theme song together. "We love it" is a companion is upgraded   3 years ago, "let’s get married" after the broadcast has made a number of outstanding performance. After the episode aired, it is the cause for the "older 3S lady" this issue continued attention and discussion of the whole society. Since the "let’s get married", directed by Liu Jiang for 3 consecutive years without drama broadcast. Therefore, this is called "we get married," the sister of the article, we love it, but not yet broadcast by the industry and the audience eagerly looking forward to. So compared to 3 years ago, "let’s get married", this drama in the end what different place? In an interview Liu Jiang said: "many reports say" we love it "is the" companion "let’s get married, I agree, but I think a more accurate statement, should not only be a companion, and upgrade papers. If you use keywords to deconstruct the two drama, "let’s get married," the key word is that, even if life has deceived you, we still have to choose to believe in love, believe in life, believe that people. And "we love it" is the key word dignity, even if we have experienced)相关的主题文章: