Gen CBA and Abbas scored a career high into the new insurance miracle Tongxi thigh-polartec

Gen CBA and Abbas scored a career high into the new insurance miracle Xinjiang Tongxi thigh after hard to beat Tongxi 5 consecutive wins, still maintain the lead. This game for Xi, is glorious defeat, Abbas scored a career high 46 points CBA, and grabbed 15 rebounds, completely out of the Xinjiang team. Abbas played him at the highest level of CBA, almost can create a miracle over Xinjiang tongxi. As long as there is a monster like Abbas, presumably no dare to despise Tongxi team. Abbas in the past CBA years, has a very brilliant record, it is past him to join the team, have to break into the playoffs, which not only makes Abbas become a winner, but also fully demonstrated his superb level. But Abbas in this season, joining the Tongxi team was not smooth, the team before suffered 4 defeats so far is still hard to find a win, continue to record high light, it is not easy. Round away the face of the leading league team in Xinjiang, is also considered to be fraught with grim possibilities. In this game, Abbas has shown a very high light performance. In the face of the strength of the Xinjiang team, he fully demonstrated their own super ability. Abbas in the field with unlimited fire power, which also makes him on the court to seize from my hands, left a very deep impression. This game, Abbas won a team high 23 times a mobile phone, he also showed high efficiency, hit the 17 ball in the field, on the hit rate as high as 73.9%! The impact of Abbas not only reflected in the score, but he also frequently storm, Xinjiang team had to foul him, he will again and again on the free throw line. Abbas won the highest 13 free throws, it is sufficient to illustrate the fact that. Whenever the Tongxi team was despair, Abbas will be timely to help the team to start crazy chase. The second quarter, when the Xinjiang team on the field will lead to 21 points, it is Abbas’s continuous attack succeeded, Tongxi will help narrow the difference to only 13 points, this also lets the team hope to avoid the game completely into the garbage time. Last game, Abbas stood out of active attack, at least to Tongxi poor will be reduced to only 4 points, the score of 90-94 also makes the game resumed suspense. The last moment, Abbas was pitching 3 points for Tongxi continued life. Although the Tongxi team ultimately failed to escape the fate of the 5 game losing streak, but Abbas’s performance is really the highest hair thick and heavy in colours, at the level of. It is worth mentioning that, in the past Abbas CBA career highest score, only 36 points. This game, Abbas crazy cut 46 points, which also made him create a new record of CBA career. Failed to get the victory Tongxi make people feel regret, but play the highest level of Abbas, was able to leave the head. (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章: