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Fujian national model President Chen Weiguo: "easy" child with a civilized travel channel – Fujian – people.com.cn original title: let the children take a civilized travel travel to Japan 4 years ago, Chengxiang District of Putian City, Fujian Province, the South Gate of the school principal Chen Weiguo, by the local schoolchildren outing the civilized and orderly touched. 4 years later, Chen Weiguo in the South Gate of the school launched the "easy" public civilization education has become a very fruitful, "the name card the South Gate of the school moral education". As the National May day labor medal winner, Fujian Province special teacher, Chen Weiguo worked in the forefront of education for more than 40 years. In 2011, he traveled to Japan in Tokyo, a park, a group of students to meet the spring outing. Occupation habits let Chen Weiguo pay close attention to this group of children’s behavior: in the case of no teacher guidance, this group of children as a unit to the class, consciously stood in rows, not slapstick sound. 5 minutes later, the teacher came, she issued a directive, the students quietly spread out of their boxes ready to eat. After dinner, the children quickly pack up, clean up the garbage, good team, under the leadership of the teacher, in order to leave the park. "More than and 100 children, lunch in the whole process, no loud slapstick, without leaving a piece of trash." Tourism inadvertently see this scene, let Chen Weiguo feel a lot. After returning home, he launched a "civilized behavior public education curriculum in school gate finger". As a school has kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, from kindergarten to junior high school graduating class baby class, the South Gate of the school hold weekly section on behavior education; more than 7000 teachers and students all have "bent" consciousness and see rubbish "bend"; adhere to the extracurricular practice of civilization "volunteers" activities, let the children in the life note to find and correct uncivilized behavior, consciously become the transmission of civilization…… Chen Weiguo said, whether it is the collective outing or social practice, students out of school, with the "South Gate" characteristics of every act and every move, "when do people speak civilization, civilization, civilization, civilized thing to do for". "They go out of school, on behalf of the honor of the school; when they grow up, go out of the country, on behalf of the image of the country." Chen Weiguo said. (commissioning editor Shi Yunjuan and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: