Fujian girl missing 4 days to disturb the country was found in the top of the mountain 6 kilometers musiland

Fujian girl missing 4 days to disturb the country within 6 kilometers of the mountain top was found according to Luo Fang Liancheng County of Longyan township police officer Chen Linyan introduced in September 11th, the police received a report immediately after 10:40 in the morning, and their families, local villagers together launched a massive search. Chen Linyan said, the police retrieved the surrounding monitoring, investigation of the suspicious vehicle. At the same time, also enable the UAV, on the surrounding mountains in the aerial search, but after several days of continuous search, did not find a trace of Xiao yun. Yesterday (15 days), the typhoon "Meranti" attacks in Longyan, the center of the wind 12 (35m s), the central pressure of 97 thousand kpa. Yesterday, Longyan city’s rainfall of more than 50mm, each local rainfall of more than 100mm, gust 6-8, maximum 9-11 level. In the face of natural disasters in September 15th 12:30, lost more than and 100 hours Luo Huiyun finally found the girl Luo Fang Liancheng! Cloud was found Xiaohui, painful! Chen Linyan said, the high tower distance girl lost position at least 6 kilometers, and at the top of the hill, a 2 year old girl can’t go alone to the police; further investigation on this matter. Yesterday morning, a phone finally let Mr. Luo couple suspended for 4 days of the heart, put down. "Thank you, kid." That the child was found, the phone that Mr. Luo conceal his excitement mood. The morning of September 11th at about 6, 2 years old this year, Xiao Yun play at home. Who half an hour later, grandma and grandpa out but can not find the child. Anxious old man quickly dialed the phone in Xiamen, mr.. Since after receiving the call, Mr. Luo couple there is no quiet too. They make friends and relatives, searched every corner of Liancheng County each villages and towns, but there is no news of the child. And yesterday morning, the 5 power companies to cut the grass workers a phone call, is undoubtedly the best Mid Autumn Festival gift Luo received this year. Mr. Luo said that to find the child is the 5 power companies chopping grass workers. Because "Meranti" the arrival of 5 workers in the rain to maintain high pressure tower, in the tower, has been found with the rain drenched Xiao yun. "When they found the child, they called me and sent me home." At present, the children in addition to some physical weakness, does not matter, has been sent to the hospital for treatment of Longyan Liancheng county. Chen Linyan revealed that the high-voltage tower away from the location of the girl lost at least 6 kilometers, and at the top of the mountain, a girl of the age of 2 can not go alone. Police will investigate the matter further. Source: Strait Herald, Citylink network相关的主题文章: