Fugu, deputy director of the Bureau of land was investigated by the daughter had been reported in Sh-ca4111

Shaanxi Fugu Land Bureau deputy director of the investigation was prior to being a daughter-in-law report – Sohu China Daily News in September 28th this year the A08 version has been reported when the Fugu County Land Bureau deputy director Zhang Shaojun was the daughter Wang report corruption, huge unidentified property of a thing. In November 18th, the China Daily reporter learned, Yulin Procuratorate on charges of taking bribes to Zhang Shaojun before the formal investigation. Zhang Shaojun’s daughter Wang said, "the deputy director of the period father he served as Fugu County Land Bureau, use their powers large fishing fishing, in addition to have more than 20 sets of 10 million yuan worth of real estate, there are tens of millions of private lending and savings, but most in his wife Xuemou, Zhang son and daughter name. She also saw someone gave Zhang Shaojun bribes to send $80 thousand and some euros for their travel abroad. There was a drawer of gold bars in Zhang Shaojun’s house. Wang reports, Zhang Shaojun was detained and interrogated, related cases from Yulin city procuratorate anti corruption bureau responsible for investigation. November 18th, the China Daily reporter learned from the Yulin municipal procuratorate, prosecutors to formally investigate Zhang Shaojun bribery. Whether it is suspected of other crimes, the need for further investigation.相关的主题文章: